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World of Warcraft Player Limit?
Thursday, January 20, 2005 8:26 AM | Eddie Park
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yohan January 21 - 6:51 PM

the ONLY reason were on Whisperwind is because our guild is on there... the same people we had from AL'Kabor.

I'd hate to lose them.

sid January 20 - 7:23 PM

WoW is a great game. However, I've cancelled and won't return. Someone can have my spot. :)

Poor planning on Blizzards part
iPY da Pinhead January 20 - 7:03 PM

Blizzard has enough servers, the issue here is that they didn't bring them online fast enough on the day of the games release. Blizz "assumed" (read: was stupid) that there would not be many subscribers in the first few days, and only had a few servers up - once they realised that several hundred thousand were pouring onto the servers they scrambled to get more online. The problem servers are the most congested ones, and they're the ones that were online first. Saying that - why the hell aren't people checking which servers are low-pop before creating a character?

jackpayback January 20 - 3:07 PM

charging a fee to migrate your character from one that is down frequently to a server you can actually play on = bad idea..

offering a moderate incentive via items or trade goods to move to a low populated server = good idea

Perhaps they could move entire guilds at once?(just leave the guild if you dont want to go) i would hate to lose all the friends in a guild..


ΔJohan Hansen January 20 - 2:32 PM

Actually, the closed beta was a bliss. I never had a single server problem back then. It was first at the open beta it struck, and hard. I could almost hear Blizzard employees scream in panic "Oh why did we have to set a release date before the closed beta started?!", because up until then, they had not encountered anything like that.

I'm not sure about the first stress test, but the people there didn't seem to have any big problems besides some lag at times. But announcing a shipping date a few days before the final beta phase started was just stupid. You can guess where the lack of official shipping date for the Euro version stems from ;)

So much for my CE of WOW
ΔShagz January 20 - 11:52 AM

Given the halt on production of new WOW copies, my guess that the CE edition that I have floating around in IMG's store will probably never be fullfilled.

I think this population problem is going to spill over into people not renewing their monthly subscription. For all the beta and stress testing, one would think that they would have anticipated this problem and implemented limits up front at the character creation stage.

it was fine
me January 20 - 11:02 AM

just use a low pop server. not servers that already have high population

Morrigan January 20 - 10:17 AM

i didn't see that in the article, where di dyou read that Hambone? linkus!

woe to blizzard!
Morrigan January 20 - 10:12 AM

i'm guessing a LOT of software companies would kill to have the kinds of problems blizz is having... that being too many people wanting to own/use the software :)

the article forgot to mention...
ΔHambone January 20 - 10:11 AM

... that an additional effort to reduce server overload is a one-time character transfer to other realms.

I think a some second- and third-string guilds will take the opportunity to move to a new, less contested server where they could become dominant.

ΔLectrick January 20 - 10:03 AM

Glad I ended up on the last server alphabetically, Zul'jin. I've seen no issues whatsoever =)

They should really allow you to migrate your character to a different server. Maybe by charging a small fee even.

World of Warcraft Player Limit?
Lilumina January 20 - 8:54 AM

As anyone who has played a Blizzard game would know - Blizzard is good with games, bad with servers!

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