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IMG Previews Vendetta Online
Tuesday, October 26, 2004 11:24 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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senior coconut October 26 - 9:14 PM

good point man. i was intending to put in the preview somewhere that the personal cost of a PvP universe is offset by the relative affordability of ships (at least at the early stages) and the fact that you don't lose much in the way of "experience" for dying (as is the case in many other RPGs). but hey - school work happens, what can i say.

Calroth October 26 - 4:31 PM

This might not be the case for the final game, but in the test versions, it was a full PVP environment (that means, you can kill other players and they can kill you). I think this deserves a mention in the review because some people will love it, and others will be turned off by it.

In the test, you weren't all alone... you had other players in your "faction" to support you, but again, this aspect and style of teamwork is something that some will love and others will hate.

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