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Giga Designs Reveals Upgrade for Mirror Drive Door Power Mac
Tuesday, October 26, 2004 9:03 AM | Lucian Fong
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Barry July 08 - 2:27 PM


Riko October 26 - 9:44 PM

A quieter windtunnel... ohw how I wish

Destroth October 26 - 9:31 PM

Because Im more of an RPG fan and don't have the cash to upgrade both computers. Now that ATI has anounced an X800 for the Mac Im sure the 9800 will drop in price and when it does Im gonna jump on it.

Why not?
halprin October 26 - 7:59 PM

Why not upgrade your graphics card for FPS?

Destroth October 26 - 6:50 PM

I have a Geforce FX 5900 on my windows. I have the
4600 ti on my Mac but its showing its age. I know if I get a ATI 9800 it will really improve my preformance, but they still cost way to much to upgrade. If more 3D RPGs made it to the Mac (like Gothic 2 and Morrowind) then I could see paying the $265 to upgrade my gfx card, but sence most Mac 3D games are FPS, I chose to upgrade my PC.

Re: Can you?
ΔLucian October 26 - 4:28 PM

The Northbridge chip (UniN) chip in your G4 supports dual processors, so you would pull out the original G4 processor card and install this replacement. I imagine that the performance increase would be pretty noticeable in every day use and games (even though many don't take advantage of dual CPUs). Hopefully, we'll be able to get our hands on one for review.

halprin October 26 - 4:15 PM

Would that make my computer officially a dual processor machine? Or because my original machine was a single processor, it would only use one processor of this dual one?

And how much of a boost would I get from a single 1 Ghz G4 to a dual 1.42 Ghz G4? I currently have a an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (128 MB VRAM) and 1.25 GB RAM.

Benchmarks and tests
Jason Wolf October 26 - 2:23 PM

if you got an idea for benchmarks and testings for this new MDD processor, send your comments to: Also include which graphics card to use. I'm going to work on a benchmarks grid to show every test configuration possible.
GigaDesigns lead tech

Re: Can you?
ΔLucian October 26 - 1:34 PM

halprin, you should definitely be able to use this upgrade in single processor MDDs.

Can you?
halprin October 26 - 1:29 PM

Can you use this in a single proccessor 1 Ghz one?

Destroth, what do you mean you must use the windoze box for hardcore 3D? I have a single 1 Ghz G4. Maybe it is your graphics card or RAM b/c I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro - 128 MB VRAM and 1.25 GB RAM but still...

Zatoichi October 26 - 1:16 PM

Yes, from 1ghz to 1.4 may not be huge... but for those of us with the dual 867's this is worth it.


Destroth October 26 - 11:33 AM

man I got a 1.25 dual. Too much cash to put out for a 200 mhz upgrade. Heck I only paid $190 to upgrade my Pentium 4 1.3 ghz zif to a Pentium 4 2.5 ghz. Let me know if they ever can get a G4 to the 2mhz zone. Until then I must use my windoze box for hardcore 3d, but always interested in Mac versions of oldschool RPGs that can be converted.

good to see
Δdeckels October 26 - 9:54 AM

That's a little out of my price range for that jump. I'd be interested in seeing some tests. It seems to me (not being an expert really) that going from a dual 1 gig to an upgraded dual 1.4 gig wouldn't see much gain due to the 166mhz front side bus...

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