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F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom Goes Gold
Wednesday, September 22, 2004 8:47 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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Network Flying
General Bull September 27 - 6:02 PM

As somebody who was flying the Hornet on Game Ranger, I was hoping for a few enhancements: 1.) more network players; 2.) PC vs. Mac network compatibility; and 3.) more than the tired old six Fallon network missions. Why not these things and a mission editor for network flying? I'd gladly pay much more to have these features.

ΔWSTE_M September 23 - 2:54 PM

..or I am not even considering bying this game.

OS X only? Or System 9.x support also?
Setmose September 23 - 10:27 AM

I don't see why they wouldn't support the older OS customer base. Especially for fans of this venerable series.

why games have to be real ... should better be realistic !
ΔYann LANDOT September 23 - 10:06 AM

While all F18 games were great, and i hope this one will be too ... why do all game producers need to make games that stick too much with real & sometime sad controversed facts ? At least Korea was a better choice because it was not the real facts but realistic (quite different imo).

Anyway, i'll certainly play it. Funny ... with this game i'll be a french doing military action in Iraq, how ironic ! (ok don't flame me !!! i love US even if i sometime disagree with US foreign policy).

it's not a game
basilisco September 23 - 1:48 AM

i just can't believe about someone playing this game.
you'll always loose. even if you win. so sad.

scary country
koh September 23 - 1:37 AM

try to think about, I know its hard, but just try, maybe in the next future, youŽll be able to play some game called How Americans Mess the whole world...

Delhux September 22 - 9:51 PM

It will be shipping "soon"? October "4th"?

I'll believe it when I see it.

joe September 22 - 9:41 PM

I am shocked and in awe. They had all this time to change the name of the game and didn't do it. They could've even changed the theater of operations to somewhere more fun.

I thought they forgot this game
ΔNAG September 22 - 6:54 PM

Oh, it isn't about Afghanistan. Nevermind.

i am testing
colin September 22 - 4:28 PM

great game. buy it. it's worth it for sure. awesome missions

z3 September 22 - 2:44 PM

In all this time why couldn't Graphsim make some textures (even generic clone ones) for enemy craft and ground structures. Only the hornet and ground terrain are textured.

Harm September 22 - 1:49 PM

Game roxxors

Yeah right...
Bender September 22 - 1:10 PM

"Iraqi Freedom" my shiny metal @$$...

Sounds fun.
reason September 22 - 12:47 PM

However, maybe we should rename it, "Operation Iraqi Invasion-Per-Bad-Evidence-of-WMDs-to-Distract-From-the-Al Qaeda-Bush-Family-Connection"

How unpatriotic!

D-M.A. September 22 - 12:47 PM

Sweet! I used to play F/A 18 Hornet v.2 like crazy many years ago, hope this one is as good :)

Stealth game.
me September 22 - 10:51 AM

I thought this thing had been forgotten about, or (sorry about the pun) gone off the radar. Sweet!!

ΔMacProject September 22 - 9:09 AM

Looks interesting!
The last Mac flight sim I tried was "Fly 2K". I'm definitely looking forward to trying out a more combat-oriented sim, so this may fit the bill for me! :)

jzambon September 22 - 9:08 AM

i have been waiting for this game for over 18 months, basically since the war started. Back then they said 2 months. This had better be better than the other F/A-18 games that rocked my world 8 years ago.

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