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Splinter Cell, SimCity 4 Rush Hour Go Gold
Wednesday, September 15, 2004 9:29 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale
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Forrest September 15 - 2:38 PM

80% CPU efficiency and 3D hardware accelerated graphics don't sound reasonable to me. Mac and PC graphic cards address video memory differently - or we'd all be able to install inexpensive PC video cards in our Macs. See Brad Oliver's comments about VPC7 (and emulators in general) in this message thread

Glenda Adams September 15 - 2:18 PM

If there is a Simcity4 Deluxe package, it won't come out very quickly after Rush Hour is released. Generally Aspyr (and other publishers) only do a bundled deluxe package 3-6 months (or more) after an expansion pack is released.


Deluxe Package
Mac Fan September 15 - 1:17 PM

Anyone hear anything about a Sim City 4 Deluxe package? I'm going to get Sim City soon, but i don't want to spend the extra $30 for the expansion, only to have a package come out a week later.

MCP September 15 - 12:12 PM

When it came out on XBOX 2 years ago, Splinter Cell was the greatest console game ever released to date. But now that Splinter Cell 3 (THREE!) is about to hit the PC, it feels a little late.

I'll still play it, because as Mac gaming goes, it's either THAT or OpenPac Mac...

Aleksi September 15 - 10:39 AM

SC 1 does not have multiplayer.

Splinter Cell and SC4: Rush Hour
CockneyGeezer September 15 - 10:38 AM

Although it's great news to hear that two more professional games are coming out on the Mac, I can't help wondering if it's a little to late, Splinter Cell in particular?

Splinter Cell has been in development for about year and the craze for the game has come and gone, even for me. I have already played this game on the PS2 console and I didn't like it, so I have saved some money there, no need for the demo. I probably would had bought it if the game was out around Christmas... 2003.

Rush Hour on the other hand I will be buying. It's great news to hear that Aspyr are still continuing the series. I only hope that the Expansion Pack doesn't have the same problems as Sim City 4 had when it was released; slow performance, dodgy graphics...

Now, where's my credit card...

Splinter Cell
Yesman September 15 - 10:30 AM

Anyone know if Splinter cell will have any kind of multiplayer fun?? My friend and I love the other Tom Clancy games and do network play often. I'd love to see some type of multiplayer for it (but i'm probably dreaming)

ΔPaul Schreiner September 15 - 10:16 AM

Meh. I really wanted to enjoy this game, but unfortunately I didn't. Used to own a copy for my Gamecube, but sadly it ended up back in the store where I bought it within a matter of days. Just not my type of game.

On the other hand I strongly recommend it for anybody who likes stealth games. Great engine and all, but too tedious for me.

Javier September 15 - 9:44 AM

'just finished Pandora Tomorrow on my XBox... I sincerely hope Aspyr will be able to secure the rights for Chaos Theory (aka Splinter Cell 3) as fast as possible.

Anyway, i urge you to try these games, as they're quite excellent.

Aleksi September 15 - 9:40 AM


ΔMacProject September 15 - 9:33 AM

Awesome news! Splinter Cell in particular!

Δ - Denotes Inside Mac Games Pro User

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