February 1, 2015
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BioShock Infinite
Ravensword: Shadowlands
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition

News for Friday, November 21, 2014

Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space Back On Macs
Digital Eel has announced the return of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space to current Macs. The new version brings the game up to date with the Windows release and runs on OS X 10.9 or higher. Weird Worlds is a unique sci-fi roguelike which gives players the chance to explore the depths of outer space.

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Surprise Attack Of Particulars At MGS5:00 AM
Fill And Cross World Contest & Royal Riddles Available5:00 AM
Mount & Blade Rides Onto Macs5:00 AM
Harness The Power Of Synonyms In Synonymy5:00 AM
This War Of Mine At MGS5:00 AM
Mac Gamer HQ Releases This War Of Mine Gameplay Vid5:00 AM

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World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor
Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion for its popular fantasy MMO World of Warcraft is scheduled to launch in November. The fifth expansion plans to send players to Draenor "at a pivotal moment in history to fight against and alongside legends from Warcraft’s brutal past." Read on to find out more about the additions the developer has planned for the venerable MMO.

GODUS Early AccessJan 9, 2014
Pahelika: Revelations HDOct 30, 2013
Drox OperativeAug 21, 2012
World Of Warcraft: Mists Of PandariaApr 11, 2012
Diablo IIIFeb 12, 2012

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The Wolf Among Us - Season Pass
The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games is a five part episodic adventure which follows the saga of Bigby Wolf in Fabletown. The adventure is beautiful, engaging, and original. Fans of adventure games and compelling plots should check this one out.

Tomb RaiderNov 2, 2014
SimCity 4: Deluxe EditionOct 9, 2014
Lifeless PlanetSep 29, 2014
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy AdventureAug 18, 2014
Diablo III: Reaper Of SoulsJun 28, 2014

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Crossing Over: Gothic
In this latest installment of the continuing series, contributing writer Justin Ancheta offers a detailed guide to running the Windows version of Piranha Bytes' Gothic on modern Macs using Wineskin and third party patches. The informative article includes an analysis of the game's storyline, its sometimes frustrating user interface, and the interesting world Gothic offers for exploration.

Crossing Over: Retro City Rampage Oct 27, 2014
Crossing Over: Daikatana Oct 20, 2014
EB Games Expo 2013 Preview Sep 17, 2013
20 Years Of Spiderweb Software Aug 16, 2013
Crossing Over: Wineskin Review & Discussion Aug 13, 2013

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