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WWDC 2k17

04 June 2017 - 11:53 PM

Hear ye' hear ye'

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This should be one of the more interesting keynotes Apple have done it a while, at least from the perspective that scarcely anything concrete has leaked...

'dlove to hear predictions from anyone still awake, and then nerd-fights after the keynote.
  • I'd expect to see some sort of big focus on the Mac, sensational or material. I think that Mac app store and devs will get a lot of love this year.
  • New iMac with a streamlined,less confusing lineup . Expect less options at the low end and a higher end model with lots of options and potentially better graphics options.
  • New Macbooks
  • New Macbook Pro 15" (little birdy has it that there is serious QA issues with the current models. I'd expect to see some sort of superficial pandering to Pro market too)
  • Maybe Apple kills off the Macbook Air. Otherwise expect zero updates to it to make it even more unattractive for consumers
Made a Meme for the occasion btw:

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I think a bigger focus on Accessories for Apple will continue into the Mac Lineup
  • Magic Keyboard with Touchbar, optional in iMac (will have popsnizzle battery life, cost upwards of US$300, people will still buy it)
  • Maybe big focus on 'Apple home' accessories centring around a new 'siri speaker'. A W1 enabled portable hi-fi system that integrates into Apple Home with always listening Siri. I'd also expect to see some sort of focus on Homekit and how apple accessories can all link in and get some action.
  • Small maybe New Airport hardware linking into Apple Home lineup
  • Lite Maybe (really hard to read type color) Apple branded cases for entire Macbook lineup
  • Big maybe (poo brown for effect) Some sort of Thunderbolt 3 Pro hub, but with a new Mac Pro on the horizon this seems less and less likely.
  • Software wise, apart from some good stuff for the Mac i'd expect to see some big stuff for iPad
  • Apple Watch I wouldn't expect too much
  • In iOS i'd generally expect to see the start of a broader push to evolve the UI paradigm past tap and visual immediacy, which is a win for anyone born after 1979