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#447548 Forget EA and Bungie, this is the most amazing post-launch thing I've see...

Posted Frost on Yesterday, 10:52 PM


All for the low-low microtransaction price of $0.00, with no lockouts or 2000 hour grind.

Even if I didn't already own and love this game, I would now buy it. In fact, I'll throw them money for the Predator Pack for cosmetics just because I vote for things I like with my wallet. Sort of "you don't need to pay to experience this, but this pack would help us fund doing things like this in the future." Yes please, here is some of my cash.

::80s testosterone intensifies::

#447470 Bungie Caught With Their Pants Down by Destiny 2 Players?

Posted Frost on 06 December 2017 - 02:31 PM

And now Bungie has released a $20 expansion with an hour and a half of content and most of the cool gear locked behind microtransactions. Anyone who hasn't bought the expansion loses the ability to play most of the endgame activities.

You know, if you find yourself in a hole, maybe you better stop digging.

#447221 Free FSB Rally - Los Angles

Posted Frost on 13 November 2017 - 09:40 PM

Did someone say FSB, comrade?

Posted Image

Let me get my tracksuit and log out of my IMG spamming account and I'll be there.

Posted Image

#447201 What are you currently listening to

Posted Frost on 12 November 2017 - 11:30 PM


I don't even like heavy metal, and yet I got linked to this song about Audie Murphy for veteran's day, and now I seem to have it on endless repeat in my head. I think the whistles make it. Makes me think of the eulogies I did for my grandpas back in 2000 and 2001 retelling some of their insane WWII deeds... wish I'd gotten to know them both as an adult.

#447200 What games are people playing these days!?

Posted Frost on 12 November 2017 - 11:25 PM

View Postthe Battle Cat, on 12 November 2017 - 08:40 PM, said:

I've used Skyrim as a hiking simulator a number of times.

This is how I use Ghost Recon: Wildlands (and why I don't seem to ever tire of it). Whenever I hike in real life, I'm like, "This would make a great sniping position. Look at that view. Wind is controlled, if you had good DOPE you could do kilometer shots all day. This would make a perfect position for an observation post. Cover is good and lines of sight are excellent. Man, can you imagine if there was an enemy base down there. That's a perfect spot if you were going to resupply the area. And yet there, there, and there would be perfect ingress routes. They'd never see you coming."

In the game, I can hike AND THEN GO AND DO THAT, OMG! ::snipes a sicario and flips out::

#447136 Blizzard announced bringing World of Warcraft Classic at Blizzcon

Posted Frost on 09 November 2017 - 12:30 AM

Awesome! Now I can not play WoW while everyone bugs me to play it all over again. :P

#447052 What games are people playing these days!?

Posted Frost on 03 November 2017 - 02:32 AM

Stayed up late to play the first mission of Call of Duty: WWII. Verdict: AWESOME. First time I have bought a CoD in ages and it looks like this time it actually paid off with an emotion other than regret. Graphics as usual are toned down with consoles in mind, but the feel felt like Call of Duty 1 came back from the dead. I definitely hope it keeps up for the rest of the game.

I just hope it doesn't digress in a couple missions into the 800th retelling of "you are a Soviet sniper like in Enemy at the Gates" or I'm going to groan and facepalm.

#447049 GeForce NOW for Mac expands free beta to Europe

Posted Frost on 02 November 2017 - 07:29 PM

In other news, the mouse changes they made are spectacular. I just played some Destiny 2 on my Mac and it is 100% playable and even fun. Just a bit of lag so I wouldn't go trying to be super competitive in PvP, but the PvE experience over GeForce Now is actually great.

Only thing really weird is my mouse sensitivity and controller sensitivity settings from the PC carried over, but not my keybindings, so I had to set those again. But, that is probably something on Bungie's/Blizzard's end.

Again, gotta give props to NVIDIA for getting the input lag down so drastically. I'm not sure where their central US server is so it might be close to me, but either way, GeForce Now's input lag level KILLS PlayStation Now's (I was in the PS Now private beta as well and considered it barely playable and it had improved 0% by the time it launched). If I was going to do one of the two streaming services, I'd do GeForce Now over PlayStation Now in a heartbeat at this point. My lag is no worse than when I'm playing on my PC in Houston while I'm on my Shield in Dallas, which is to say it is very, very good.

View PostThain Esh Kelch, on 02 November 2017 - 07:02 AM, said:

Very interesting. Will it only display/launch games on the supported list, or can you fire up anything from Steam/Blizzard and cross your fingers?

I may very well finally have the chance to play Skyrim and Witcher 3 then.

So far every game I've installed on Steam that didn't require a third party client (i.e. Uplay) has more or less worked.

Speaking of which, nv_kelly, I'd love if Uplay support got baked in soon. I'm still addicted to Ghost Recon: Wildlands and want to play that on GF Now.

#446987 Windows gaming via Parallels or VMware Fusion?

Posted Frost on 26 October 2017 - 07:17 PM

View Postmindnoise, on 26 October 2017 - 06:05 PM, said:

That would be cool, if they still did the competitive upgrade. I will def check that out.

Sure, aslo having both on one machine is really helpful. I only have some dictionaries on Win that I need that work very well with Crossover/Wine and I still have some old stuff on a VM running XP.

It appears they are still running it, although it's 40% now: Parallels to Fusion Discount

#446979 Windows gaming via Parallels or VMware Fusion?

Posted Frost on 26 October 2017 - 03:14 PM

View Postmindnoise, on 25 October 2017 - 01:21 PM, said:

Same as Frost here: leaving the sinking Parallels boat, eventually switching to Fusion. You can still upgrade every 2 versions (= years), now but they are severly pushing you to "subscribe".

But actually since I got my cheap W7x64 Gaming PC I never used that once, anymore. Just because I can do things now on PC and Mac simultaniously which is very convenient quite often. :)

Don't know if they still do it, but back when I switched, VMWare would give you something like 60% off Fusion if you input your Parallels serial number. I did that, got Fusion 8, and never looked back! Just upgraded to Fusion 10 and still totally happy with it.

I too mainly use them side-by-side, but sometimes having Windows available on the Mac is also really helpful, especially if I'm away from my PC desktop and need Windows to do something.

#446881 Windows gaming via Parallels or VMware Fusion?

Posted Frost on 18 October 2017 - 04:28 PM

Last time I played with Parallels (admittedly years ago), it was passable but pretty underwhelming compared to just rebooting in Boot Camp. Probably worse now that Parallels changed their business strategy to throttle the hell out of the program's capabilities unless you "subscribe," which is why I jumped ship to VMware.

I have not played with modern versions of those programs though. I'll do an unscientific side-by-side between Boot Camp and Fusion on my MacBook Pro when I get a chance and let you know how it goes.

#446739 Is there really a such thing as a Mac game?

Posted Frost on 06 October 2017 - 03:14 AM

View PostDirtyHarry50, on 05 October 2017 - 07:26 PM, said:

Mr. Ballmer is fine. I don't think he is a troll. He loves that company! He can't even help it. He still loves that company. He will always love that company. This is just something the man needs to do. We are like heathen needing redemption to this guy. He is just trying to help us in his own enthusiastic and direct way.

You guys do know that between posts Mr. Ballmer is sweating and out of breath from dancing around his PC screaming, right?


#446738 Windows Gaming on a Mac FAQ

Posted Frost on 05 October 2017 - 09:39 PM

Thankfully tBC remembers to wind me once a week. The wait for technology to be invented to replace my internal fusion battery is grueling. It wouldn't bother me as much if he didn't use a giant engraved toybox key. I think he just likes the humiliation.

Kyle Reese sucks. This new timeline's pace of invention is dog slow.

#446609 Local documents on your computer

Posted Frost on 24 September 2017 - 10:21 PM

View PostG_Player, on 24 September 2017 - 10:03 PM, said:

Sorry for using the wrong name, been up and down on 20 foot scaffolding all day hauling and nailing up siding. Really tired.

It's all good. That "name" for Janichsan is a bit of an inside joke going back a good ways. Seeing someone use it made me laugh. :D

#446607 Local documents on your computer

Posted Frost on 24 September 2017 - 02:29 PM

View PostG_Player, on 23 September 2017 - 09:14 PM, said:

@Jugger Bugger