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#448835 Apple CPUs to Replace Intel in Macs?

Posted Spike on 23 April 2018 - 01:48 AM

View Postmacdude22, on 22 April 2018 - 07:34 PM, said:

Anyone who thinks Apple doesn't have macOS running on ARM right now isn't paying attention.


I cant .... resist.... as well.....

The link macdude22 posted is for Apple's iOS (and MacOS etc...) kernel as part of Darwin. Macdude22 not realize that this iOS kernel has been on ARM since 2007?

#448550 Answer questions for the Feral newsletter!

Posted Spike on 22 March 2018 - 10:19 AM

View PostEllieFeral, on 22 March 2018 - 09:27 AM, said:

Out of interest, which games would you put in that 2%?

For Mac: Combat Mission series, ARMA (experimental, may never be released for Mac)
For Windows: War in the Pacific AE, War in the East, Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, Panther Games, DCS sims, Red Orchestra 2, and a few others I have not tried because no Mac version and rebooting to Windows sucks.

Sadly, not a single WWII naval sim (not a campaign)

#448326 Vulkan Officially Released - No Mac Support

Posted Spike on 26 February 2018 - 11:14 AM

Best news Ive seen all year :w00t: . I'll take a translation library over no support anytime. Now theres far more chance of Mac versions of games from these other developers.

#448004 Answer questions for the Feral newsletter!

Posted Spike on 23 January 2018 - 10:42 AM

Command: Modern Air Naval Operations. Because I want Feral to expand on the types of games they do to ones that I like (simulations and multi-player rpgs).

#447757 Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet now on gog.com

Posted Spike on 04 January 2018 - 08:04 PM

Just bought today and played some.

Atlantic Fleet is turn based where one gives movement and then fire orders. There are 19 historical Atlantic scenarios such as Graf Spee, Bismarck, HMS Glorious. There is a campaign that has your navy patrol and then get into battle what they find. I found it unrealistic, but interesting. However note that all WWII naval sims are arcade to me.

Cold Waters is a modern sub sim that is real time and better. Ive only gone thru half the training so far, and I do like it so far. It would be top notch if it was multiplayer, but then that would mean sim of surface ships as well.

#447754 Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet now on gog.com

Posted Spike on 04 January 2018 - 04:14 PM

For those who also have been wanting Cold Waters or Atlantic Fleet but without Steam, they are now available on gog.com DRM free!

#447402 Bungie Caught With Their Pants Down by Destiny 2 Players?

Posted Spike on 01 December 2017 - 07:24 PM

View PostDirtyHarry50, on 01 December 2017 - 03:30 PM, said:

Does this mean you like micro-transactions all of the time, because I cannot think of an instance where it is not crystal clear what they are for? Also, do you believe that EA and Activision as the two major culprits brought up here with the examples of SWBF2 and Destiny 2 desperately need more money to support and update AAA games that sell for $60. a pop and generally are followed up with expansions? Do these major companies really need to for example, gate progress to extract more money from players willing to pay to remove that suckage from the game they already paid full AAA price for?

My statement "I like micro transactions when its clear what they are for" means not all of the time but when its clear what they are for. I have played a few games that the micro-transactions are great and like it that way.
I have never played SWBF2 or Destiny 2 since there are no Mac versions and so do not know anything about those two examples. If a $60 game is purchased and a person expected something from it and then found could not get it without micro-transactions, then that would be bad. I have bought many many $60 games that have zero micro-transactions and found they sucked and immediately deleted. Theres always a risk buying something.

Lots of games can be played free or reduced cost thanks to micro-transactions, which then help support the developers.

#447284 Answer questions for the Feral newsletter!

Posted Spike on 20 November 2017 - 10:49 AM

95% Mac and 5% Bootcamp Windows. I love Macs as they are awesome at everything except games. I wish more of the types of games I like would have Mac versions as it blows to lose my Mac to reboot to Windows.

Edit: Actually:
95% Mac
4.5%  Bootcamp Windows
0.5% iPhone.

#447003 Mac App Store Vs. Steam?

Posted Spike on 28 October 2017 - 01:46 PM

What I got from all the posts is also that people have mixed preferences, but we all agree on one thing, buy from all of the stores. Theres no unattended consequences.

#446920 Apple Photos App Confusion

Posted Spike on 23 October 2017 - 01:29 PM

I avoid Google because it is the internet plague.

#446578 Answer questions for the Feral newsletter!

Posted Spike on 20 September 2017 - 10:51 AM

Will be in 2017? (cough) window is a little tight (cough).

Universe Sandbox 2. First, because it is a simulation and so has reality to it. One can also learn about our universe and space is the future.

#446093 Answer questions for the Feral newsletter!

Posted Spike on 20 July 2017 - 01:58 PM

The Sleeper in Everquest. I have not personally tried to attack The Sleeper, but I did shiver in just the mention of his name. He was the most powerful dragon.

#446070 The State of Mac Gaming in 2017 (Ars Article)

Posted Spike on 18 July 2017 - 02:46 PM

View PostCamper-Hunter, on 17 July 2017 - 11:55 PM, said:

Also many users in this very forum have switched to a PC or console for games. I wonder if there aren't now more Windows and console gamers than macOS gamers here!

Yea, and I will have to do more. Currently 95% Mac and 5% Win. Only Win game now is Command Modern Air/Naval as others I have been able to get using wineskin. I really hate having to reboot into Winblows and lose all my Mac stuff.

#446027 The State of Mac Gaming in 2017 (Ars Article)

Posted Spike on 15 July 2017 - 05:42 PM

I thought the Ars Technica article was pretty bad myself. They declared Mac Gaming to be dead in 2007?? I have been gaming on Mac 95% of the time this whole time. Mac gaming has been fine. Although now it is at its worse then ever, I still game on my Mac fine. The two main issues I see are the unupgradable hardware and dropping the open standard API. However, now with future support of external GPUs, I believe that will reverse this trend.

#445937 StarCraft: Remastered

Posted Spike on 29 June 2017 - 11:58 PM

Blizzard now has the starcraft remastered up for preorder (for 14.99). Yay.