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Flight Sims and Aerial Combat Games With Joystick Control

01 July 2017 - 08:39 PM

Nope this is not a list, it's a request for game recommendations because I bought a Thrustmaster T16000 FCS flight stick.  Right now I'm taking flying lessons in MS Flight Simulator that I got for cheap.  When I catch on, I'll be needing to use my new mad skilz to kill things and blow them to smithereens.  Cause, you know... carnage is best served from 15,000 feet.  I'd like some recommendations for aerial combat training sims and aerial combat games.  The one constraining requirement for your suggestions is that they must work with a joystick.  So if you guys would be so kind, I'd really appreciate you sharing your experiences and recommendations.

And if it helps, I'm sorry I called you forumites all those names and Agonized you and Tantalus deviced your dogs.  Well, except for Dirty Harry that is.

Mr. Dooves game music

17 June 2017 - 11:46 AM

I would have this Monkey Folk's man-babies.  Mr. Dooves has a pretty awesome voice and he does music from lots of different games.  This is for first person shooters, played almost every game in this one.  A musical history of video games, and horror.  A treat for Skyrim fans, and you Bendy and the Ink Machine fans.  Ooga chaka.

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X

20 May 2017 - 04:33 PM

I am thinking of getting this but first I want to hear any input you guys may have concerning this device.  I've read several reviews, and it's supposed to deliver a good flying experience for the buck.  I can add a rudder foot peddle device if I want to get all real life but then I'd have to get 3D rumble seats, surround sound, force feedback, an IMAX monitor, smell-o-rama, and a cute little babe booth to stab me with a screwdriver when I get shot down.  I want to fly casually, not become some flight sim geek.  There are some games I play where flying a prop or jet is needed and I'm tired of failing so poorly with a keyboard.  It will also open up my portfolio to games where flight may be the main game mechanic, hopefully.

Claptrap in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

05 March 2017 - 04:37 PM

You remember this from Borderlands 2 right?

Posted Image

Well, Claptrap made the Sports illustrated swimsuit issue!


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USB 3 card for mid 2010 Mac Pro for backup

20 February 2017 - 03:16 PM

I'm looking at this card in particular, which says towards the bottom of it's description that because of OS limitations you will get results somewhere between usb2 and usb3 speeds.  Is this typical of usb3 cards (the specs might not be as honest as the card referenced) or is this card a piece of popsnizzle.

I was also thinking of getting a thunderbolt card for the mac to feed a thunderbolt external hard drive for the backups.  

I'm wondering which to get, usb or thunderbolt.

What I'm doing is trying to arrange a backup system that will help protect me from ransomeware.  The drive is only connected during backup, the backups consisting of: daily, weekly, and bi-weekly.  Perhaps even a monthly.  I want to partition the external drive so that each of these backups are in their own partition plus a bootable partition.  I have a 1TB SSD that is about half full to backup.  I plan to use Time machine to make the backup disk a time capsule for personal data.  How big would that backup disk have to be?