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Today, 11:35 AM

Please Bastet, don't let junk be what kills me.  Amen.

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Today, 11:33 AM

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Today, 11:26 AM

I might be the only one with this perspective, but I saw A New Hope in a theatre when it came out.  I was about 25.  For it's era and that era's mindset, #4 was much much more powerful than The Last Jedi. That's why the world had it's collective mind blown when it came out.  You can't put yourself in that mind frame to imagine what it was like, you had to have lived through the times leading up to it.  Anymore they are just another summer movie with just another summer movie formula.  Sure they are still fun to watch, and my favorite franchise, but really George... just as you can't go home again you can't recreate the The Movie that grabbed the worlds attention.  The harder you try the worse they get.  You have sharks jumping sharks that are jumping sharks that just got jumped by some other random sharks and are looking desperately for some more sharks to jump to keep the shark popsnizzle running downhill.  Still I watch every frickin' one of them because I love the universe he created and care so deeply about the original players.

So, that's my opinion of the Star Wars movies.  I don't care to try to explain my opinion because it is my opinion alone and I'm not trying to make it yours.

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Yesterday, 03:05 PM

View PostDirtyHarry50, on 16 July 2017 - 05:01 PM, said:

Cats are always aloof. It's just their nature. I still love you anyway, despite my bad behavior.

Hey I'm not aloof!  I'm simply better than alla you monkey folk.  There's a difference.

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Yesterday, 02:59 PM

Anyone else notice that when he tossed the nice piece of hickory down, it landed square on the guy's junk?  No?  Hmmm, guess I was just staring at the guy's junk when he tossed it.  I mean I WASN'T staring at the guys junk!