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In Topic: Use External GPU on Mac Mini 2014

27 August 2017 - 06:58 AM

cool didn't know that but Sonnettech never let me down :)

In Topic: Use External GPU on Mac Mini 2014

26 August 2017 - 05:11 AM

Anyone checked out the Sonnettech eGPU box?

this seem pretty rad and compatible with Mac and Win and lots of gfx-cards


In Topic: Getting a Gaming PC...

08 May 2017 - 05:31 PM

BTW: Finally after 12 years or so, since I started gaming on PC, I caved in and got a 'gaming PC' from old parts parts and ebay.

- i5 2500  - not overclocking anyway and sufficient for AC Unity, which I think is the most demanding game out there, at least that I play.
- Asus Geforce GTX 950 2GB - better than 750Ti but not so power hungry like a 960 or 970 and way cheaper 2nd hand.
I pondered a new GTX 1050 but maybe in a year or two.
- Asus P8P67 M
- 8Gigs (2x4)
Anything above seemed like waste of money to me, for current games and my immense backlog.

What did not go so well:

Unfortunately I had to replace the PSU, an 20 year old ATX 1.3. Technically it works great, but boy, the noise level is Boing 747 turbine quality. Esp. since I am used to my nearly silent Mac mini. It was unbearable so I got a "be quiet" BQT-L7 350W PSU, near silent.
I had to replace the 2.5” HDD WD Blue 500GB. On Mac it's ok but on Windows 7 I get tons of SMART-Check warnings. So I had to get a 'new' Toshiba 320GB 5k4 RPM. €32 as startup HDD.
Boot time a bit over a minute.

Also, I got the GTX 950 Blower reference model, now I know why it was so cheap. The noise level is still OK, even at higher RPM.
But I am gettting a aftermarket cooler ARCTIC Accelero L2 PLUS, cost me add. €16. 120W of cooling power for a card that draws 90Watts.
Should be enough.

I have all my games and game-clients on an external 2TB drive so I am covered here. I might have to replace it, too at some point, since 2TB are getting rather small with all those games weighing in at 50GB and more these days.

still, all in all this cost me about €260.

And now I am pro at installing W7.

and this came in VERY helpful
get all static Windows Updates for offline installing

and this:
Esp. for build PCs. saves you a ton of time for not having to hunt the internet for drivers, manually.

and finally Blackbird
removes all those nasty telemetry , logging and W10 compatibility updates and configs the firewall to block all this M$ spying 'services'.
great stuff.

this stuff is pure GOLD!

just finished setting verything up today.

some first internal FPS benchmarks from Far Cry Primal:
1600 x 900
medium: 67 to 75
high: 60 to 65

2560 x 1080
med: 37 - 43
high: 37 - 43

1980 x 1080
med: 26 - 43 - very wonky, don't know why

I am satisfied

In Topic: Getting a Gaming PC...

07 May 2017 - 09:44 AM

View Postozzy, on 23 April 2017 - 08:52 AM, said:

Has anyone done this and had success?  I just bought a Windows 10 Home OEM key on here and tried to activate my Windows 10 Home installation and it says there is an error.

Kinguin is def. NOT legit. Same as G2A - grey market key reseller scams.

In Topic: Claptrap in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

18 March 2017 - 06:22 PM

Don't tease me into putting other 300 hours into that... :rolleyes: