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In Topic: Deus Ex: Mankind Dividedô Ė Announcement trailer

Yesterday, 12:24 PM

It is not an easy situation for them when you think about it really. If they announce early those with consoles or a PC/boot camp might hold off for the Mac release and so more sales. If then they encounter technical problems or politics that stop approval of the port then potential buyers are disappointed and might give up.

In Topic: Feral's upcoming project?

03 October 2017 - 06:07 AM

Well I am a fan of Tomb Raider, Dirt and Bioshock so would welcome all of those!

I am only on race 8 of my 1st career season in F1 2017 (100% distance races) so not sure when Iíll get to them...

Since switching back to AMD graphics from NVIDIA all my audio bugs and random crashes stopped and it is running great.

In Topic: High Sierra vs Bootcamp Partition

02 October 2017 - 12:33 PM

I don't use bootcamp myself (so my boot SSD changing to APFS hasn't really mattered) but I was reading many posts during the betas about how there is no way for Windows to recognise the presence of an APFS disk so booting back to MacOS from within the OS isn't possible at this time.

The best solution at the moment would probably be to install High Sierra, make a clone on another disk, erase the disk (it must be an SSD as mechanical disks aren't changed during installation anyway) - and reformat it as HFS+ and clone back.

HFS+ support won't be disappearing anytime soon so you can get the other improvements without using the new file system.

In Topic: 64-bit apocalypse

26 September 2017 - 02:26 PM

With iOS 11 leaving behind a surprising number of games and some other apps (thankfully mainly ones I got when they dropped to free or nearly free, and did not play much or at all - I still preferred to game on Mac) it is interesting how many 32bit ones are on my Mac.

We may get one or two more MacOS releases before they are gone, hopefully some do get 64bit patches or go open source but if not maybe WINE will come to the rescue as it did for many OS9 and later PowerPC titles. At least these days some of the better games get rereleased as remasters and/or improved sequels arrive.

It can still be annoying adding games to your backlog and finding them obsolete before getting round to them. I wonder how many games Iíve purchased multiple copies of now...

In Topic: Animated loading screens and stutter

22 September 2017 - 08:10 AM

Thanks - I might try moving the install to my SSD for F1 2017 as I expect to put plenty of hours in. From what I remember in the past I was disappointed how little difference it made (Borderlands 2 and F1 2012 if I recall).

Edwin - good to know it is normal.

Seems a strange decision by the developer to have as complex a screen if it then makes loading the game slow. One thing that put me off a console to date was talk of load times in minutes.

G_Player this 2009 machine is hanging in there thanks to the upgradability. I am sure the latest top end iMacs would be better but I would prefer a machine with an accessible GPU socket for the future. Already have an RX580 on order should they ever become available again so might get a little longer out of it still!