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Destiny 2 Open Beta Access on GeForce NOW for Mac

29 August 2017 - 01:57 PM

Hi All,

Wanted to quickly inform you of an exciting update on GeForce NOW for Mac. Destiny 2, named best PC game of E3, is in an open beta now through Thursday, August 31 – and the only way to play it on a Mac is with GeForce NOW.

You can check out my original post about GeForce NOW for Mac here: http://www.insidemac...opic=48469&st=0

You can sign up to play Destiny 2’s open beta, within the GeForce NOW app. If you don’t have a GeForce NOW account, you can sign-up here:
  • Create: an NVIDIA account at rewardsportal.nvidia.com/account/create (if you don’t already have one)

  • Visit: rewardsportal.nvidia.com/login


  • Download & Install: follow the directions to download and install the GeForce NOW Mac Beta app

  • Launch & Log-In: open the app and log-in to your NVIDIA account

  • Play: Select Destiny 2 from the ALL GAMES tab, log into your Blizzard account, or sign-up for a free account and you’ll be playing in moments!
Questions? Let me know!