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Super Cheap Cell Service (or Free?)

05 March 2017 - 07:23 PM

My wife and i haven't really had a h ome phone for some time - though for a long time it was cheaper for us to get Cable with the phone included so we technically had one.  

Wasn't an issue, but our son is just now getting old enough that occasionally he might be home alone for a short time, and i'd like him to have a phone to call out and receive calls in case of emergency.  

I have some old cell devices handy (Galaxy Nexus, older iPhone... 4S i think), but im not opposed to buying a new one if the ones i have arent network compatible.  

I know a lot of the guys and (gals?) on this forum use cheap cell services and have been happy with them, so i thought i'd ask if anyone has recomendations for something extremely cheap.  

It would probably get used less than 30 minutes a year.  

Would also be open to using an VOIP service if it can make and receive calls.