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+++ THE GIRL WHO SOLD THE WORLD +++ Audio Adventure Game +++ Unique Experience

11 February 2017 - 11:32 AM

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Hi everyone,

It's nice to become part of your community!
I'd love to share our project with you, which we are working on for 11 months now.

It's an Audio Adventure Game (AAG) with audio only - no graphics. But that doesn't mean it's a game for visually impaired people.
The Girl Who Sold the World is a true adventure providing a complete gaming experience.

Some short facts to begin with:

Genre: story driven, episodic Audio Adventure Game (whole story will probably fit into 7 chapters)
Platform: Android & iOS
Business model: Paid app (NO ads, NO in-app purchase)
Release Date: Q2 2017
Website:      http://www.thegirlwhosoldtheworld.com
Trailer: https://www.youtube....h?v=TeZhuIpQS8U

* connect with the protagonist Frances through a messenger called Skyler
* make choices and shape the story = different paths = different adventures = different endings
* solve logic puzzle
* combine collected items
* fast-paced action sequences (chapter II)
* creative puzzles (chapter II)
* puzzles will get more challenging throughout the chapters
* all sounds recorded professionally by ourselves to maximize atmosphere (outdoors+indoors, with our special
recording device which we've built for that purpose)
* real acting, not just voice over
* a game about empathy, caring for each other, friendship, curiosity and courage, fear and hope,
about us humans and what we are willing to sacrifice to survive the future
* Frances can be killed, so please take care of her Posted Image

In TGWSTW you are pulled into the story by a great canvas of sound. You find yourself in the middle of the adventure, helping Frances to survive, to find her way through a strange world, to find out the truth who she is, where she is and what it’s all about.
All you have to do is to put on your headphones, dive into the fictive world and let your mental cinema do the rest!

The cool thing about audio is that although the story is the same for everyone each of us will build his own world, his own characters. The gaming experience is going to be unique for every player!
It’s kind of like we were playing Manic Mansion and we had to use our imagination to put together those big pixels into beautiful pictures in our heads! But with audio only you are free to let your imagination run wild!

I know for some of you, it may sound scary that there are no graphics at all. But believe me, your imagination has more power than you think. Just turn off the sound while watching one of your favorite movies and no matter how great the pictures are your perception gets confused and it feels just not right. But if you make it the other way and just close your eyes you can still imagine the pictures when supported by sound and have a great experience.
Of course, an intriguing story is key to a thrilling experience and I think we have it with TGWSTW.

I would really appreciate it to have some specialists/true adventure fans from this community as game testers on board.
So if I aroused your interest you are more than welcome to apply as a game tester on our website.

I appreciate any feedback and comments. It helps so much through that hard times of development. THANK YOU.