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In Topic: +++ THE GIRL WHO SOLD THE WORLD +++ Audio Adventure Game +++ Unique Experience

16 August 2017 - 08:20 AM

Here's a little give away so anyone can check out the first chapter. Have fun!


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In Topic: +++ THE GIRL WHO SOLD THE WORLD +++ Audio Adventure Game +++ Unique Experience

13 August 2017 - 07:48 PM

Hey DirtyHarry50,

I actually logged in, after all these months of endless work, to make an announcement only to find out that I didn't get notified about your post. I apologize for not having reacted to your constructive criticism which I'm very thankful for.
But I'd like to do that quickly now:

1.) You're right. It's not something I wanted to say or even think. I meant that this experience should be equally deep for everyone and one shouldn't judge just by the fact
that there are no graphics.

2.) You named it. That's just working titles, maybe little hints where the journey might go. By no means does it spoil anything. My intention was to intrigue people, to show the branching so they would get an idea how complex the story is and what they might expect regarding the overall length.

3.)  Only because I wrote that it probably will fit into 7 chapters doesn't mean that I have no overview or got lost in a bad design. We have a well thought out story, with a strong core but at the same time we want to stay flexible during the whole development. We just let ourselves room for expansion, for additional twists or spontaneous ideas without the need to change the core. And that might quickly fill an additional chapter.

You know, you can always think big (and that's what we did). But you cannot build big right from the beginning.

I didn't play Kentucky Route Zero and I don't know what their definition of an act is, means how long and complex it actually is.
But I know that we did everything  we could do as a micro studio with a micro budget and exceeded by far our early players' expectations, regarding length and experience of chapter 1.

And now everyone can find out for him/herself.

Which brings me to my actual post:

Update: TGWSTW is launching!

It was a rocky road but we finally did it.
We’re happy and proud to announce that chapter 1 will be available on AppStore and Google Play on August 15.

So check your headphones and make some space on your smartphone :)