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Addictive, Beautiful, Innecto - now for macOS

17 February 2017 - 06:17 AM

Hello?  HELLO? (LLO, LO, Lo, lo)  Wow! It's quiet in here.  All the action seems to be in iOS gaming, and Mac gaming seems to have gotten very quiet of late.  Well, for all you Puzzlers in need of a Mac based fix to feed your cravings, 45RPM Software has some great news for you.

You may have read about the research, carried out several years ago, showing that a game of Tetris can help to block the worst symptoms of PTSD. If you haven't then I highly recommend taking a look at it here, it's very interesting (New Scientist)

2016 was a troubling year.  It started badly, with the deaths of several iconic musicians (and, for me, a good friend), and then got steadily worse.  Right now it feels like the whole world could do with a game of Tetris!

I can't offer you a game of Tetris to ease you through 2017 - so instead I'll offer you my own PTSD ameliorant.  It's a puzzle game called Innecto - and it starts off easily enough before getting really difficult.  

Innecto, the addictive puzzle game from 45RPM Software, has made the jump from iOS to the Mac.  And, just to show you how much we love the Mac, we've even given it its own icon, UI and mouse pointer - rather than hurriedly copying the iOS design and pushing it out as 'job done'.
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There are more than 100 levels and each one is calculated by the computer so no two games will be the same - giving Innecto great replay value. The game design, code, tile graphics, and segment typeface are all the work of Pascal Harris (45RPM Software) and the music and sound design is the work of Richard Hanson (Highfish Recordings) with additional music production by David Jamieson.

If you'd like to review Innecto (or any other 45RPM Software) in print or on your blog, please get in touch at support@45rpmsoftware.com and a promo code will be raised for you.

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