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In Topic: Addictive, Beautiful, Innecto - now for macOS

17 February 2017 - 10:35 AM

Wow. I don't even know where to begin. You have my sympathies - and anything that can be done to reduce the symptoms of this horrible condition is a good thing.  I remember, when I was growing up, a old man who was suffering from PTSD that he'd gotten during the first world war.  There was nothing available then which could help him, and that was a real tragedy - all these people, who'd served their country, suffering - their lives, in a very real sense, ruined.
I didn't realise that video games could help so long after the original trauma, but I'm very glad to hear that they can - and that they've helped you.  
I remember dreaming about falling blocks after Tetris binges, and I guess that's the same mechanism that helps with PTSD.  Similarly, I've dreamed twisting tiles after bingeing on, and testing, Innecto - hence my guess that Innecto might have a similar effect (obviously, this is unconfirmed!)
Oh, and noting your location as Lh'owon, my worst nightmares came after bingeing Marathon:Infinity - didn't stop me though.  What a fantastic game!

In Topic: Innecto: Available for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Now

13 December 2016 - 08:45 AM

Innecto iOS Screenshot (and the music is amazingly catchy - you'll be humming for weeks).

Posted Image

There is one In App Purchase available - and that's to top up your hints to 5 (you can carry a maximum of five hints, and an extra hint is earned when you complete a level perfectly (three stars) for the first time).  You can't top up your hints if you have the full set of five in your inventory - but you can top up if you have four* (although, of course, you'll only be buying a single hint - which is very bad value for money).  I recommend not buying hints unless you've spent all the ones that you have already.

You can get it here (iPhone App Store)

*or less, of course.