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Turn-Based Strategy Game Political Animals available on Steam/GoG/Humble(25% off for Bl...

26 November 2016 - 07:38 PM

My name is Ryan Sumo, artist of Prison Architect and cofounder of Squeaky Wheel, an independent PC game studio based in the Philippines.  We launched our new game a couple of weeks ago, called Political Animals, and I wanted to invite you guys to try it out.

Political Animals is a turn-based political strategy game set in a world populated by corrupt crocodiles, meritocratic mice, and populist pigs. Decide whether to be a clean or corrupt candidate as you pick from a selection of unique staff to plot your personal strategy to victory.  Events will be thrown your way that force you to choose between the high road or to bow to political pragmatism.  In a political contest where graft and bribery is always around the corner, we want you to find out how incorruptible you really are.  It's being published by Positech Games and is out on Steam/Gog/Humble(25%off during the Black Friday Sale!) right now.

Here's a couple of reviews you give you a better idea of the game:
The Reticule
Big Boss Battle