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Humorous Destiny 2 Review

24 September 2017 - 02:32 AM

Some of you may be familiar with Yahtzee's video reviews from the Escapist gaming site. If not, please be forewarned that he tends to swear a lot and sometimes uses crude humor. So NSFW nor younger folks, etc. With that out of the way, this is quite a humorous take on Destiny 2 or at least, I thought so. He brings up some valid points about the sort of game it is but I've never considered his reviews as reviews so much as I have entertainment. A lot of times though, the stabs he takes are spot on even if I don't buy into his overall view.



Rome: Total War - Alexander

18 September 2017 - 04:40 PM

I was kind of surprised someone at Feral didn't make a mention of this release here unless I just missed it. You guys probably already noticed it but anyone reading this if not, here is a nice review with screen shots that also makes mention of the favorable reception the original iOS/iPad release got along with the Barbarian expansion:


Game Updates for iOS 11

18 September 2017 - 04:32 PM

I was pleased to find out that 2k is going to be late but does plan to update Civilization Revolution 2 and XCOM: Enemy Within. I got this info from their own support pages. Also, BG2:EE and Icewind Dale:EE have just been updated and BG:EE is coming soon. Torment was already 64 bit so not a problem.

I think I am good with my iOS games here once these few get their updates. Any other noteworthy ones you guys have been following or heard about?

Suggestions For Windows 10 Performance Tuning

18 September 2017 - 11:45 AM

I'm looking for some advice from the Windows gaming pros here regarding any steps I can take to resolve performance issues with my lame HP laptop. This is a cheapo consumer system from 2015 of the sort you might find in a Walmart for around 250 bucks I would guess. It has an Intel Celeron N2830 CPU which is dual core 2.16 Ghz that I notice often boosts to 2.4 Ghz. This includes Intel HD graphics but system info does not report which and neither does Intel's own control panel. I have it set to balanced but probably should set it to performance although I am realistic about what to even attempt playing in terms of games. Stuff like the Infinity Engine remakes, etc. It does support DX 10 for some reason but it sure can't be for gaming I wouldn't think. At one point I tried figuring this out and came up with it being a little better than HD 5000 but not as good as HD 5500 if I recall. This isn't really all that important but for the sake of completeness here, that's what the system has.

Memory is 4 gigs. Naturally, it has a horrible 500 GB 5400 RPM disk drive.

Once in a while the CPU is topped out but that is not generally a problem after startup. The disc is a major problem and can remain pinned at 100% usage for over 10 minutes and sometimes considerably more when starting up. At random times it can also be 100% even though I might be doing nothing more than web browsing and I notice the system becoming unresponsive.

Part of the problem with this gimp box is it simply cannot handle some of the stuff I installed such as iCloud Photos which is a problem for the disc I notice. Likewise, Dropbox is as well. OneDrive doesn't seem to be an issue perhaps in part for lack of anything needing to sync as a rule. My solution here is going to be web access to things like iCloud and Dropbox and removing them from the local system. This will help.

There is no antivirus aside of Microsoft's own Windows Defender. I have turned off automatic defrag of the disc.

Now on to Windows 10 itself which really shouldn't allow itself to even be installed on this thing if you ask me but it is on here now and some apps require it so I need to look at how to minimize the resource intensive processes I can do without. Unfortunately, they married Cortana to search so I am stuck with her I guess. I have read something about Windows Homegroup services, two of them, potentially being problematic somehow in terms of performance issues but I forget if it was disc related or more likely CPU related?

Superfetch is a huge problem on this PC. It is part of the 100% disc issue. Superfetch isn't helping me much if it makes me suffer the way it does. I am contemplating turning it off and wonder what you guys think of that. I have watched that process pin the disc at 100% for long periods of time. I would be better off waiting a little longer for various apps to load than putting up with this if turning it off does not cause some other problem.

Sorry that I kind of ramble on here. Any tips for trying to get reasonable performance on a low end system running Windows 10 would be great. Again, this isn't even about low end gaming. It's just about making it run better in general for simple, everyday tasks like browsing and email, etc. This reminds me, Chrome seems to be a real resource hog but it wouldn't surprise me if most browsers are today. I like it and on a decent system it wouldn't matter but I wonder if I shouldn't try Internet Explorer 11 to see if that runs any better. I might even give Edge another shot but the last time I tried it there were huge performance issues, a major memory leak and I found it simply unusable. I was surprised Microsoft would even release it in the state I found it in. Maybe it has improved. They certainly push it enough so you'd figure they are investing in making it useful.

My ISP Hates Me

30 August 2017 - 06:42 PM

My ISP here in North Carolina and the only one of two that offers decent speeds and unlimited data, is Suddenlink. They seem to hate me for some reason. I pay my bill on time every month faithfully but I guess that isn't enough.

This past holiday season, some clown from the company came by and literally cut the cable to me without anyone contacting me about it. After a lot of hassle on the phone, I got somebody out here who discovered this and explained to me that they were months behind on work orders and he thought whoever did this was just completing an old work order to cut the service after somebody moved out. I had moved in two months earlier and begun service immediately. This individual never thought to check and see if anyone new was living here and a customer. So I enjoyed the holiday weekend with no Internet and therefore I couldn't play with some new toys. I was not a happy camper.

Fast forward to today I wake up and discover my Internet is out yet again. I call tech support. They make me power cycle the modem. This of course, does not work. Then they want to send somebody to fix it. Per usual, I get the speech about how I did not opt to pay for insurance of their cable running in the crawl space under this duplex house which I don't own any more than the cable they want me to pay to insure. I inform them that this is a scam like they don't already know but I always let them off by stating that I know it isn't their doing personally. However, that does not make me happy about it nor willing to accept it. Either they fix my service at no cost to me or I switch to the other ISP.

Three phone calls later, I finally get to somebody who can do better than a visit this Sunday (it is Wednesday here as of this writing) that might be at my expense. The trick to this is just to cut through the call menus and go directly to the cancel service option. This always gets their attention and best results whatever they might be. Suddenly, it is possible for somebody to come here tomorrow between noon and 2 PM at no cost to me who will fix the issue. The issue once again, is that some idiot came along and for some reason disconnected both the line from the street and the line going inside the house and since I couldn't be sure in the messy tangle of wires which was what, I opted not to attempt a process of elimination myself. Naturally, they had no record of this just like last time.

On a bright note, they doubled my speed from 200 to 400 Mbps down and cut my bill by 15 bucks a month while they were at it. Apparently, my speed tier was now considered obsolete and I was going to lose unlimited data, not that anyone had informed me of this prior to my final call for action. When I asked why they don't communicate such things to customers I was told basically that it was too difficult for them to send out email. I am not making this up. Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.

So, I guess I'll see what tomorrow brings. I hope they finally get it right and I am planning to supervise and see to it they at least put the box cover on and seal it for a change because they never do this either. My wiring was hanging out in the storm during Hurricane Matthew last year. I took pics then and I did again now but when I ask where to send them nobody knows who at the company would care to see just how bad the techs they subcontract with out here are.

Check this out:

Posted Image

I am only here at the moment thanks to my trusty iPhone and its hotspot feature. I only have a very small amount of data on my plan though since I never use it. So, I will go spend more quality time with Batman tonight and maybe some with Oblivion too. I'm glad neither needs to be online or at least I hope they don't.

That sure is some nice, neat, high quality work in the open box above isn't it? You can't see it too well but there is a wasp nest behind the metal box with all the wires that I discovered in the nick of time. It is not there anymore. :)