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#449177 Steam Link coming to iOS and tvOS

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 28 May 2018 - 05:49 PM

View PostFrost, on 27 May 2018 - 01:33 PM, said:

I'm talking about people with more than just one place they sit and game. Maybe my home office with my PC is on another floor from my home theater and console, and I feel like kicking back in the office chair and pulling up an Xbox 360 game on the Xbox One. I just turn on the DualShock 4 I've got connected to my PC, open the Xbox app, and there we go.

If I want to play a PC game in the home theater, I just go the opposite direction with the Shield TV unit.

It's really not as complicated and hocus pocus as you make it sound. It's no different from using an Apple TV's screen mirroring feature to put something from your iPhone or iPad onto the TV, which *gasp* people use every day. I'm just using it to play videogames instead of show off the selfie I took eating a cookie at Starbucks. Unplugging and hauling PCs and consoles around the house and stringing cables just to do something at another spot is something from the previous decade.

For instance, I'm sitting outside at my patio table right now because it's a nice day and doing some paperwork on my MacBook Pro. I felt like taking a break and foruming. But if I felt like taking an Xbox break instead, presto, I just opened an app and hit connect:

The above edge case conveniently ignores how unlikely the described scenario is for the vast majority of consumers. Again, this stuff which as you point out works now for you, is nowhere because nobody cares.

Steamlink is cheap but does it sell like hotcakes? No, Valve gives them away. Nobody cares except maybe the Tom's Hardware crowd about trying to make a console out of a PC.

If the office chair beats your living room for comfort maybe it's time for some new living room furniture? Maybe skip a six hundred dollar video card and put it towards a recliner?

I think you are really reaching for straws when I am supposed to appreciate the benefit of being able to take an Xbox break outdoors on your MacBook Pro. Do you always bring your controller outside too just in case you might feel like doing this? You are presenting examples here of things that people do not normally care about doing as if that represents an everyday value for the average person. Don't get me wrong.  If you like doing that and it works for you, great but that doesn't make it a selling point for most people. Just because you can do something doesn't make it an ideal way of doing it. Allow me to demonstrate:

You want to play a game in your office and you have a powerful gaming PC.  So you play a PC game on the thing.

You want to play a console game and you have an Xbox One X. You enjoy the comfort of your living room and do it.

You want to take a little gaming break while doing some work outdoors. You fire up some casual or other  Mac game on your MacBook.

In all three cases, you take the path of least resistance which is normal human behavior. You don't need extra apps or hardware. The stuff all just works with zero additional steps. No Nvidia shield, no remembering to bring your controller with you outside, no added apps to install and zero compromise in quality - I mean absolute 100% zero. This is the way the typical person operates. It's why they rejected Steamlink in the majority.

The majority, the huge overwhelming majority is NOT you guys. I don't think you get that.  This stuff sinks or swims based on the majority and they can't be bothered and they are not willing to pay for stuff like this. One more time, this would be everywhere now except for one little problem. It's a solution looking for a problem that does not exist for enough consumers to justify its existence.

On topic here, about Steam on Apple hardware, not PCs, Nvidia Shield or Xbox for that matter my entire point has been that streaming PC games to a television sucks because in most cases it does. One more time, if it was great everybody would be all over it. They aren't. That right there says it all. My suggestion in light of this and therefore also on topic is just get a fraking console if you want to play games on your TV.  They are made for this and excel at it.

#449167 Steam Link coming to iOS and tvOS

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 27 May 2018 - 03:28 AM

View PostFrost, on 26 May 2018 - 01:17 PM, said:

Anything on the Xbox One. They built streaming from your Xbox One to your Windows PC into the Xbox app on Windows 10. It wasn't too great when it launched but they quickly improved it and it's almost on-par with NVIDIA's in-home streaming now as far as image quality and lack of input lag. There's also a Mac app (OneCast) that'll let you stream onto a Mac as well, and while not endorsed by Microsoft, they are aware of and haven't stopped the developer either.

It works just like NVIDIA GameStream though: GameStream requires you to have a PC to stream from. X1 streaming requires you to have an X1 to stream from. Both do really well in-home, IMO. You're streaming from your own hardware, not from the cloud. Saves the trouble of unplugging and moving stuff back and forth between rooms.

Oh, please Frost. Come on. Have mercy will you? Who the hell wants to stream console games to a PC in their house? We were talking about streaming TO a television not away from it or do some folks like streaming from console to PC to Steamlink back to television just because they can? Once again, this for the brave few would likely be over wireless. Have fun with that.

I'm sorry but I honestly had to lol at that one. You don't do that do you?

#449159 Razer releases entry-level eGPU $299 eGPU enclosure with macOS support

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 26 May 2018 - 11:34 AM

Wow. I gladly stand corrected and see the light. You know why? Because this turns out to be about playing Mac games on Macs. What a great idea. I could actually get on board myself with this at a $600. price point to pair with the Mac Mini I want. In my case I would be happy to stick a supported AMD GPU in it too. I love stuff that just works.

#449142 Steam Link coming to iOS and tvOS

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 25 May 2018 - 02:05 AM

Honestly, you guys aren't going to be missing much. My Steamlink and Steam controller are sitting in their boxes in a closet since not long after I got them. The novelty of streaming PC games to a television wears off fast.  Most of them don't offer native controller support. Streaming games sucks.

Anyone who wants to tell me it's great, I am glad it is for you. However, that doesn't help me and countless other people who have tried it and concluded that it sucks.

There is a reason Valve is giving away the hardware. It's called demand and there is none. This latest attempt to fix that won't fix it.

I tried online streaming too. In my case with SONY and the PS4. Once again, the initial wow factor did not last !ong. Now, I don't even own a PS4. I play on Xbox because Microsoft understands that game streaming sucks and delivers a direct download or disc based solution that just works. If you want to play games on a TV, I would highly recommend getting it right the first time, unlike myself. It is so much better. The other crap I tried isn't even in the same universe.

Don't believe me? Fine. With rare exception, you'll find out. Again, few people are doing this because it is a sub optimal solution. Frankly, for all the talk of high end hardware,  eGPU boxes, etc. around here it mystifies me that you guys would even consider this junk.

As usual, you get what you pay for. If you want to add the console gaming experience to your Mac and/or PC gaming just get one. It's so much better for the purpose and for cheap money, it just works. After owning both, I greatly prefer the Xbox over the PS4 for reasons you may or may not care about. If anyone wants to know what they are, I'll be happy to provide a list.

#449136 Introducing Speedcat (New Feral rep)

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 24 May 2018 - 07:16 PM

View PostMatt Diamond, on 24 May 2018 - 06:45 PM, said:

I like how everyone immediately piled in with suggestions for future ports.. almost as if Speedcat had asked for some. :-)

It's all Ellie's fault for mentioning Skyrim. She stirred up the shark tank before tossing the new rep in. :-)

#449116 Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch News

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 23 May 2018 - 04:55 PM

Yeah, PC gaming is cool in its own way for sure. For me it's really older games that I never got around to that make the idea of playing at a desk sometimes still appeal. There is a wealth of classic gaming that realistically will never be accessible any other way. For everything else new, I prefer my Xbox One now. I know it's a subjective call but I love how simple and affordable gaming this way is and I have come to really like the experience vs parking myself at a desk.

I kid about this stuff sometimes just for fun but I don't care who does what. When everyone is having a good time doing the same stuff it doesn't matter if we use different hardware. Who cares? It's about having fun. So whatever works is good.

#449086 Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch News

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 21 May 2018 - 05:27 AM

Sorry! Too much coffee this morning I think. I forgot to mention earlier that Civilization Revolution is available on Xbox One as a BC title that I picked up a while back. Iím glad to hear you guys liked it. I am looking forward to it when I get around to it.

#449084 Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch News

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 21 May 2018 - 04:57 AM

I forgot to mention that every system has its awesome exclusives. I would agree PC remains the leading platform for in depth strategy titles but even there, a good deal more of that is making its way to consoles. By and large there is increasingly good coverage of all genres on consoles now.

I like the idea of an nVidia console streaming PC games. All we need are something like the old TV dinner stands for Bluetooth mice and keyboards. You can do this now with limitations, right? This might be the future of PC gaming. Turn it into  a dumb terminal console that is cheap, powerful and able to complete on its own merits. Better input controls need to be developed though. Playing games with a keyboard is a rather archaic way of doing things. You can have more inputs without going the same old route of a repurposed typewriter interface.

On the other hand, none of that may be necessary including the limitations of streaming games. Consider the very cool work Microsoft is doing with alternative input devices for consoles now to make gaming fun accessible to gamers with all manner of disabilities. Thatís such a cool thing they are doing and the new input gear is going to bring a lot of joy to a very special and deserving audience. I am so impressed with the Xbox team for their outstanding work and leadership in this area.

#449076 Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch News

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 19 May 2018 - 07:55 AM

Well, I am kidding around about this stuff of course but I do wonder how sustainable PC gaming in its present form will be over time for various reasons including ones I kid about now. Time will tell but I wouldnít argue that itís going anywhere in the short term.

#449060 Apple CPUs to Replace Intel in Macs?

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 15 May 2018 - 06:01 AM

I would still maintain that neither input nor design are major problems. Apple already sells keyboards along with Logitech and others I imagine for iOS devices. Controllers for iOS gaming are available too. Iím not disagreeing with you entirely about some transitional changes being needed in some cases. I can easily imagine that being the case but it is not a major problem that would hinder movement in this direction.

Again, comparisons to Microsoftís missteps donít really apply here. Those guys were trying to water down windows basically and the results sucked. Apple wonít be doing that as referenced by Tim Cookís remarks which I believe to be deliberately vague. What he has said can remain completely true while still side loading change into the equation.

Microsoftís big mistake was to try to create one operating system to run on everything or at least the same user interface. They should have left Windows alone and created something new for mobile, like Apple did and will almost certainly continue to do indefinitely as of this point in time.

I donít think Macs are watered down by new products even if lower end Macs are cannibalized by them. People needing a powerful Mac running macOS will still have that option. It isnít like some Mac Pro on ARM is up for discussion here, you know? And when you need a powerful notebook Mac, do you shop the new slim underpowered MacBook line or perhaps an Air? No, you get a MacBook Pro. If you are doing serious video production or whatever on the desktop, is the low end iMac with an Intel GPU going to cut it? No. Itís these low end systems that could go ARM with iOS and it would not represent any loss to the market needing real power at all. Itís just providing new options to users at the lower end of the scale who stand to benefit from them in various ways or Apple wouldnít be doing it.

#449059 Infinity Engine Games Bundle

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 15 May 2018 - 05:40 AM

Iím sorry, no. Thatís on the AppStore.

#449056 Infinity Engine Games Bundle

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 15 May 2018 - 05:18 AM

I was checking to see if Icewind Dale is a universal app and found that it is when I noticed a bundle of all the games now exists which includes the recently released Siege of Dragonspear for iOS. Then I noticed the option to complete my bundle at no cost! I owned them all save for the Dragonspear title. So, now I own that too!

So, just a heads up for anyone with some or most of these games that you might want to check out the bundle and see whatever price it shows you depending on what you already own.

Lastly, one of the games is really cheap now, for how long I donít know. I think one of the Baldurís Gate Games is only two bucks maybe? Well worth looking into this right now if you like these or think you would.

#449055 Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch News

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 15 May 2018 - 04:55 AM

Nearly one billion hours have been logged by Xbox One gamers enjoying titles from the previous two generations of Xbox. I guess I have plenty of company in being enthusiastic about this feature and the many games it offers me from the comfort of my couch on the big screen with awesome audio as well.


Many of these have been enhanced to produce improved visuals in addition to the resolution increases with technology that does not require touching the original code. Very cool stuff that enhances original Xbox titles on both the Xbox One S and even more on the Xbox One X, a lot more with pixel counts increased by 4x and 16x respectively.

A growing number of Xbox 360 titles are being enhanced for Xbox One X as well with impressive results. Red Dead Redemption looks fantastic now on Xbox One X hardware.

Accept no substitutes folks. Park the most powerful console on the planet under your television and join the new master race who value comfort, convenience and outstanding value for their hardware dollars! Itís the perfect solution for Mac gamers wanting to broaden their horizons!

#448994 Apple CPUs to Replace Intel in Macs?

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 07 May 2018 - 02:32 PM

Sneaky makes a lot of good points about a huge transitional problem for Microsoft which is the complete lack of 3rd party support pretty much vs Apple who already has a huge library of iOS software ready to go. This leaves Microsoft in the unenviable position of trying to emulate x86 on ARM with the trade offs he mentions. This is a problem that Apple does not have for the most part should they release a line of MacBooks and iMacs with ARM processors.

#448993 Apple CPUs to Replace Intel in Macs?

Posted DirtyHarry50 on 07 May 2018 - 02:18 PM

View PostJanichsan, on 06 May 2018 - 01:24 AM, said:

Maybe take it as a warning about what to expect from a desktop operating system on ARM? :P

But seriously, when in the history of mankind has a thread on IMG not been derailed at some point?

One of my thoughts here is that Apple engineers have a long and successful track record in development for this platform. Every year the hardware and software is improving. I havenít seen anything approaching this level of success on the Microsoft side of the coin. Iíve seen a complete failure to create a compelling smartphone and thatís about it. Itís not hard to imagine their design and engineering teams being well behind Apple as such, rendering examples of their progress far less meaningful than Appleís progress on the same path.

I think Microsoft will get there too but it will be sometime after Apple does before they have anything to write home about. I think Apple has been recruiting the best and brightest people in this area of development for longer than Microsoft has and it shows. This doesnít even get into the management side of things including who has been focusing their efforts on what and for how long although it obviously ties in directly to what I just mentioned.

Basically, development for ARM has been Appleís greatest priority for a long time now. It has never been Microsoftís greatest priority which of course is Intel CPUs. Nobody can be the best at everything and Microsoft certainly is not the leader in ARM development. Therefore, they do not constitute any sort of yardstick measurement of possibilities in their early efforts at ARM for desktop use.

The derail comment made me lol. Being a repeat offender myself I canít get away with throwing any stones for that. :-)