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RAGE: Back to Wellspring?

03 December 2016 - 02:25 PM

Hi folks,

So, I think I am about a mission away from the final mission in Rage: Campaign Edition (the Aspyr port for Mac). I have read several references in other forums (e.g. Steam) that you can in fact get back to Wellspring from Subway Town: there is supposed to be a fellow named Charon in the Resistance base under the garage, who can fly you back in the big balloooooooon.

I cannot find him, however, and there is not much ground to cover down there. Am I missing something painfully obvious? Was he cut for the Campaign Edition?

I ask mainly because, if I happen to come across two more feltrite crystals, I can complete some side quest back in Wellspring, but I am not sure that I can even get back there (or that there are two more crystals to find). There might also be a side quest or race or two that I overlooked.