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Android Emulation

10 April 2017 - 03:49 AM

Not sure if this topic quite belongs here but in general has anyone tried Android Emulation for some mobile apps you would like to play on your Mac but can't because iOS does not have a running environment on MacOSX? Are there any good trust-worthy emulators out there?

I have tried Andyroid but it left me with a sour taste. First it auto installs MacKeeper on your Mac which quickly has to be isolated and removed, which is annoying. Secondly it seems to be downloading something in the background, in the 40 minutes I left it running it downloaded like nearly 2 and a half gigs  of I dunno what and basically used up one third of my data allotment for the month in that short span of time.

Does anyone know if the software is legit, or what it could be downloading in the background? Or any way I can check for myself while it is running?

I have checked for other malware and viruses since ridding myself of MacKeeper but found nothing. Still now I am highly tempted to delete it outright.