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In Topic: Discussion of OS X Security Apps

19 April 2017 - 05:13 PM

View PostDirtyHarry50, on 19 April 2017 - 01:45 PM, said:

From reading your other posts elsewhere about this issue it sounds like you are all set now and can relax. The people who sell MacKeeper have made some very bad decisions about how to promote sales of their software and otherwise enhance revenue generation but I don't think they are out to get you so to speak in any destructive way.

If it bothers you and you want to know that not a single trace of it or anything else that may have been installed with that Android emulator is absolutely, positively gone I would suggest wiping the drive and doing a clean install of macOS.

I did that once in the Windows world after installing a game that had the infamous StarForce DRM. I wanted to be absolutely certain that I had a clean system after that little disaster which as I recall was brought upon me by the wonderful folks at Ubisoft who have such a deep, abiding love for their PC games customers. That was a real pain in the rear with Windows but it was necessary in that case.

Thank you for the suggestions, I had pondered a full wipe but DetectX seems to have gotten even the invisible files out, other search utilities can find no further trace of it. I have changed my main passwords for e-mail and such just in case too. I figure I will just wait and see but for now every PID and other such processes have been normal and my bandwidth has been normal also.

I too have awful memories of the windows world so I hate these feels.

In Topic: Discussion of OS X Security Apps

19 April 2017 - 12:06 AM

I just recently had a very bad experience with an emulator and I am getting all paranoid. The emulator was legit (Andyroid). Sadly, it had received incentives from everyone's not so favorite "security" peddler Mackeeper.

I followed MacKeeper's uninstall program which prompted me to answer a question. Interestingly OS X also popped the admin password when I moved it to the trash. As I know that doesn't get rid of it fully I used DetectX to expel the rest of it after I removed all the cookies/cache data from Safari just to be extra sure.

Since the net is flooded with articles pro and con and it is hard to get a straight answer on this I figured I would risk asking here.

Is MacKeeper sending personal data off of your computer to them or others? Is it actively stealing data from your machine or just bloating it with ads so you are compelled to "buy" their services? Basically is is more than just adware? Is it spyware? I am concerned since I had to enter my admin pass and answer a question which meant some data was sent back their server for sure.

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18 April 2017 - 04:59 PM

View PostJanichsan, on 18 April 2017 - 11:20 AM, said:

Well, as I said: it is a full installation of Android, with all strings attached. Adware is much more common there.

Glad I am not an android user then, that is irritating out the wazoo. I would only recommend this thing if people really really really need the android environment for testing for anything else, eww.

*Edit* Got my bandwidth back, I suppose some oddly named cookie was placed in my browser (likely by MacKeeper) and it was sending/receiving data and bloating my bandwidth usage. Dumped them all and now all is as it was. Now I only wonder what that cookie was actually doing? I suppose i better reset most of my passwords ><

In Topic: Android Emulation

17 April 2017 - 06:42 PM


Ended up deleting the thing. The log file it generates showed a lot of random traffic coming into my Mac from advertisers (only while the software was running) And I found it outrageous how much ad traffic the thing generates to the point of installing apps into the emulated environment without consent.
I did download it form this site: http://www.andyroid.net
But it is all too strange once you get it on your Mac.

I've also noticed a lot of extra internet bandwidth being eaten up by something since installing this thing. I have checked via terminal all my active connections but I can't find anything "fishy". Malwarebytes can't find anything nor does ClamXav. I guess I am just paranoid since it did come with MacKeeper bundled (apparently MacKeeper gives good incentives for this so lots of free software places bundle it in).

My mac is not showing any slowdown or pop ups or anything other than normal behavior so perhaps is is this plus the latest update to Safari that are doing it but meh what a sour experience.

In Topic: Android Emulation

10 April 2017 - 06:51 PM

View PostJanichsan, on 10 April 2017 - 07:17 AM, said:

Yeah, that's a bit weird and/or shady.

VirtualBox's own documentation is indeed not great. But you can easily find good tutorials via Google or your search engine of choice.

I found a fix, it was simply to enable the emulator to use the GPU. =) So far so good.