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New Steam UI

12 June 2018 - 02:27 PM

Anyone try the new Steam beta? Just look at this crime against humanity:

Posted Image

In all seriousness, it's a beta, and overall, I like the new look, although it is too large. (And the above image is pixellated because Retina isn't working properly on the macOS version. Edit: nevermind, looks like it's working now. I don't think it updates properly when moving the window from a non-retina external.)

Still, I would not entirely be surprised if they just left it like that in the 1.0 release given they never bothered to fix the Snow Leopard stoplight icons. So, go give feedback!

I still wish they'd build native versions instead of using a cross-platform UI framework. We'll never get platform-specific features like the macOS emoji picker. Scrolling, although it *looks* native now, still isn't--the bar doesn't auto expand and there is no rubber band effect.

MacOS 10.14 - Mojave

04 June 2018 - 01:47 PM

What are everyone's thoughts on 10.14? I'll get the joke out of the way: It's Mojave because the features are as  sparse as a desert.

I skipped 10.13 due to the bugs, but 10.14 actually has things I want, so I hope it is solid. I wasn't sure if I'd want a dark mode, but it looks sexy as hell. They have tackled a lot of low-hanging fruit: HomeKit support, archaic app store, etc. The privacy features are important. And everyone's favorite feature, Cover Flow, lives again!*

It's a bit strange that it doesn't seem that they brought over the new Siri automation and notifications changes from iOS 12, though. No word about Messages using UIKit (so we finally have everyone's favorite feature, screen effects.)

And why doesn't iOS 12 have a dark mode? It seems we are always perpetually out-of-sync one way or the other in respect to features.

Anyway, I got real worried at 1:20 and the word "Mac" had yet to be uttered, but I am mildly placated.

*Seriously though if they bring this back to Safari I will be ecstatic. That's the one place where it was useful.

Edit: Oh snap - Deprecated OpenGL: https://twitter.com/...7976705/photo/1

I wonder how long OpenGL apps will continue to work.

Cyan World's new game, Firmament

01 March 2018 - 06:09 PM

Cyan just released a trailer for their new game, Firmament:


I'm a bit worried at the "VR experience" thing but Cyan insisted when I bugged them that they hadn't committed yet to platforms.

I hope Obduction's success means they have a bit bigger budget this time around. Obduction was a great game, but still no Riven and parts of it felt rushed.

GeForce NOW for Mac - Beta Invite

08 August 2017 - 02:54 PM

[EDIT:  I have merged Cougar's thread with nv_kelly's thread by request.  It would make more sense though if the thread started with nv_kelly's post.  - tBC]

Anybody trying it? I know that nv_kelly has been giving some of us trial keys (thanks!) If you did not, I was given a referral code that can be used an unlimited number of times: TGFR-LDKQ-PJNG-URZN-SWXZ-NKHG

First impressions? It works well, at least for singleplayer games. The listed number of official games is pretty low at this point, but you *can* play unsupported games by selecting "Manage Steam" and installing then via the Steam Library (I played Age of Decadence on my MBP while traveling this weekend). At the moment it deletes your install and you lose your settings after every session, but apparently this is being worked on.

The last streaming gaming service I tried was Onlive, and this blows it out of the water. The fact that you can access your existing Steam and Blizzard games (and hopefully soon GOG?) without having to rebuy them and worry that the service might die is very nice.

The way it works now is you're given a launcher with the currently supported games. Install any of them, and you're taken to a Windows Steam (or Blizzard launcher) window. You can't access any underlying Windows desktop. If the service gets good enough, it would be great if one day they removed the launcher and just had a Windows desktop for you to do whatever with, but I can see why they went this route: there is a clear indication what is supported by the service.

If they stick to their currently announced pricing I don't think it really makes sense, especially if you don't mind building a PC. But in 10-15 years in a world where my MacBook has 5G LTE I could see myself paying $5-10 for a few weeks of service when I'm on vacation and don't have my PC.

64-bit apocalypse

28 July 2017 - 01:33 PM

I did something scary today. I went into System Information, viewed Applications, and sorted my games by 64-bit. I was a bit astonished about how many non-64-bit games I have. Blizzard's games, and even some newer indies, like Undertale, Baldur's Gate: EE, and Day of the Tentacle, are 32-bit. (Yes, even Steam itself, but that will get updated.) Blizzard's games I have no doubt will get updated, but for smaller indies like Incredipede, I have low hopes.

I know we have until at least October 2019 before the apocalypse arrives, but I'm starting to think about prioritizing playing some of these older games on my backlog, especially for a few Mac-only games that I never got around to finishing, like Prey, Call of Duty, and Tropico 3. Thank goodness for SteamPlay or I'd really be screwed.

It would be nice to hear from Aspyr and Feral about what their plans are for updating their apps. Even Civ V is 32 bit. Will they bother when they have to maintain VI?