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In Topic: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra

20 October 2017 - 04:06 PM

View PostIchigo27, on 29 September 2017 - 01:05 PM, said:

I completely forgot to download sierra from the appstore, now 10.11 and 12 are gone. I thought about making a partition on another external drive, has anyone had experiences using 10.13, or is it plagued with bugs and incompatibility issues?

Curious about feedback from people on this forum.

In case you weren't aware, Apple added Sierra back to the MAS.

In Topic: 64-bit apocalypse

17 October 2017 - 05:14 PM

View PostDirtyHarry50, on 01 August 2017 - 06:46 PM, said:

I understood what you said, including the apocalypse title, to be about impending loss of access. You did say you were considering prioritizing games that may become inaccessible. That was what I was initially responding to although I admittedly wandered into related territory when I wrote about costs, money wasted, etc. all of which was based on my own personal experience and not meant to be critical of you or anybody else. I do feel that all of that was relevant though. You had mentioned an indie game for example that I would find difficult to believe you want to play again and again for years to come when you have yet to ever play it, until confronted with the possibility of not being able to. Suddenly, Incredipede appears on the radar for that reason and my whole point was that reason probably doesn't hold up too well against other games you've preferred to play instead ever since buying it. Otherwise, like I said, you wouldn't care about it becoming obsolete. You would have played it a long time ago. Clearly it was less important than other games. I maintain it still is considering the evidence I see. So why play it now? Is it subjectively better than everything else you have access to right now, so much so that you really want to drop everything and play this game today? How did that come to be? That was my point.

I said I wouldn't *solely* play a game based on its impending doom. My backlog has become so large that I have so many games that I still have the same amount of interest in playing that I haven't gotten around to yet. The fact that I bought them years ago is beside the point. Part of the problem is that I tend to prioritize one-sitting games or really long RPGs, so the rest (even if I have the same level of interest in them) tends to languish.

I'm changing my buying habits, which helps. Now, I only buy games that I know I want to play right away for whatever reason, or they're in a Humble. I'm buying a lot less.

In Topic: Aspyr's upcoming projects

03 October 2017 - 04:05 PM

View Postjeannot, on 03 October 2017 - 03:48 PM, said:

It doesn't look like Aspyr is in a hurry to port games to the Mac these days. The last one was what, Mafia III? And priori to it... Civ 6, a year ago?. Basically one game every 6 months. :unsure:

Yeah, all we know that's coming is Observer and Inner Space. I'm sure Firaxis is working on the first Civ VI expansion; maybe they're working on that too.

In Topic: Feral's upcoming project?

03 October 2017 - 03:14 PM

View Postjeannot, on 03 October 2017 - 12:41 AM, said:

These are very popular games and Feral have good relationships with the original developers/publishers, which they need to maintain.
I'd like see some Bethesda or EA games ported, but this isn't going to happen. These two apparently don't like Macs or porting houses.
Personally, I'd prefer if Feral did less Lego games, and no iOS games at all to focus on Mac games. iOS already has too many games.

Sure, I get it, I'm just not interested in those franchises and I'd like to see more laptop-capable ports from Feral. Both Aspyr and Feral seem to be sticking with their current relationships without branching out.

I'm not interested in EA anymore (RIP Bioware), even on PC, so no loss there. Arkane's games would be amazing, but yeah, Bethesda--not going to happen.

In Topic: Feral's upcoming project?

02 October 2017 - 08:01 PM

Bioshock (again), Dirt (again), Tomb Raider (again)...Feral's releases are getting so predictable. One day I'd like to see them do something completely unexpected.

View PostUmarOMC1, on 02 October 2017 - 05:46 PM, said:

:w00t:  SHADDAP! I'd buy all three! Tomb Raider was really damn good in the action, graphics and control, I love CodeMasters' works, have never played Bioshock 2 and damn do Feral make good ports!

It's an unpopular opinion but I liked Bioshock 2 the best. Dual wielding was a lot of fun with your powers, the story is more personal than in the first one, and the story in the Minerva's Den DLC is terrific.