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In Topic: The phoenix rising from the ashes

10 December 2016 - 08:36 PM

This is welcome news and a nice find.
It was really sad how it all turned out for Freeverse... especially when it was the company that inspired me to become a Mac game dev.

DeNA sucks... and I'm not saying that just because of what they did to Freeverse, but they treat their games with the same level of respect and eagerness to kill them off (along with the required servers to play those games) once they've gotten the money they wanted out of them.

In Topic: Why are YOU Anti-Steam?

06 November 2016 - 02:44 AM

Well... I had no interest in it back when it was only for Windows or the way you had to always be online back then to play your offline games. By the time I decided to take a look at it... any username I cared to try was already taken... and given I was already not overly interested in it, that's how I never bothered with it. My games all comes from the MacGameStore, Mac App Store or GOG.