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Displayport 'disconnection/ blanking' problem

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Posted 10 October 2014 - 09:03 AM

Hi guys,

I have a really annoying problem: (sorry for the wall of text)

I just bought a nice 21:9 TFT Display LG 25UM65-P (2560x1080 DP-Por 1-1/1.2) for my MBP 13" 2011 OS X 10.9.5 (see specs below).
Since the native resolution does is not supported by HDMI I got a (certified) 2 meter DP-Mini to DP cable.

Now with a HDMI connection to the LG everything is fine, also had a Philips HDMI on my MBP before.
The LG display is marked Mac-compatible by LG and the intel HD3000 is explicitely supported in the manual.

But with using the Displayport the Display disconnects arbitrarily with the error message "Out of Range".
I tried 2 different DP cables with achieving no different result.
Parts overheating does not seem to be the problem, too since it happens whether I am just reading or gaming.

Actually it seems to have a higher chance of 'disconnecting' actually when I am not actually working on the LG, like just reading/watching movie.
Power-Saving schedules also seem unlikely as the problem source, since it' set to 3hrs of idleness before going to sleep.

A few times I can reawake the conncetion by selecting and deselecting "Mirror Display" in the Monitor-Prefs or closing my MBP (Clamp Mode). Until it does not work anymore and the internal Mac LCD goes blanking every 2 seconds, leaving no alternative than to shut it off and turning it on again.
With only restarting sometimes the OS does not load problerly and e.g. the Spotlight just keeps hanging forever (not, it does not index, I checked that) and I have to reboot a second time to fix it.

I also googled the internet hight and low and fouund some entries witht he same problems (DP! - NOT HDMI) but no solutions.

Can this also be a software problem? Since under Bootcamp Win7x64 everything is (seems) perfectly stable (so far).

Any help is appreciated.
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