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Control Command Escape Reviews Might & Magic X - Legacy

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Posted 12 May 2014 - 04:11 AM

Control Command Escape recently posted a new review of Ubisoft's Might & Magic X - Legacy. The latest entry in the long running RPG series puts players in charge of four adventurers entangled in intrigue and political machinations unfolding in and around the city of Karthal.

There's a fair bit of logistics to worry about too. The constant travelling will eventually make your characters tired, which then adds a bunch of status effects that makes them less effective in combat. Resting them for 8 hours will restore some health and mana, but consumes a unit of supplies, which can only be restocked at certain locations. Armour and weapons will degrade (at least until you start to find rare, high quality equipment later on), necessitating repair at other key locations. If one of your characters dies, you cart their corpse around with you until you can get them resurrected at a temple; if they all die, it's the game over screen for you.

One of the unique selling-points/throwbacks to last century is that monsters are of a fixed level, and coupled with this, that you can go anywhere in the game world at any time. What this means is that you could try your luck battling a Shadow Dragon at level 2 if you wanted to. It's not quite as open as advertised; there are various swathes of the world map gated off from the start of the game, so there's a little bit of funneling going on, but to be perfectly honest this guidance is much needed before you find your feet and figure out how you should be spending the skill and stat points you acquire through levelling up. The real problem is that while having such a degree of freedom to go anywhere you want and get insta-killed by something ridiculously powerful is something RPG-diehards have been crying out for for the better part of a decade, the reality of the game is that there absolutely is a single, optimal order to do everything. You don't necessarily know what that order is when you're playing, but you will definitely know you've gone wrong when you run crying from one dungeon that seems impenetrable right into another one that poses no discernible threat whatsoever. The end result is that the game effectively becomes rather linear.

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