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Developing Personality Traits In Runemaster

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Posted 10 March 2014 - 02:38 AM

Paradox Interactive recently released a new dev diary for its upcoming Runemaster role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Players take the role of a champion and must explore procedurally generated maps and complete quests based on the six worlds of Norse myth, with each choice defining their champion. To succeed they will also need to recruit and command troops in tactical combat.

Are you always giving others the version of the truth that is most beneficial to you or are you telling them what really happened? Are you helping people for nothing beyond their gratitude, or does your assistance always come with a price tag? Do you walk bravely headstrong into any challenge, or do you make sure that the odds are heavily in your favor before attempting something dangerous?
In Runemaster, we track your choices and map them onto a scale of different attributes, where each attribute has a personality trait at its extremes. This is an idea we’ve borrowed from Crusader Kings II, where characters can gain a multitude of different traits, each of which can dramatically change the entire game experience.
In Runemaster we’ve cut the number of traits to eight and those eight traits are based on four different attributes. Each time you decide to lie, act bravely or spend all your savings on a big feast for the whole village, we add or subtract a value from the corresponding attribute. When an attribute’s score gets really high or really low, your character gets assigned a trait.
Getting an attribute back to a normal range will remove the trait and your character might very well start off as an honest do-gooder and end up as a lying sell-sword after becoming disillusioned with the world. Changing from one trait to its opposite will take time though and could be compared to changing sliders in Europa Universalis III; it is a gradual process that might not pay off for you for quite a while.

The game will be available for Mac, Linux, and Windows PCs sometime in Winter 2014.
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