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FTL: Advanced Edition Details

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 02:28 AM

Subset Games has revealed details about the upcoming free expansion for its spaceship simulation FTL: Faster Than Light. FTL: Advanced Edition will include a mind control system, a hacking system, a new sector, new events, new weapons, and new effects.

Here's a bit of info from the latest update:

Clone Bay

Previously unannounced, the Clone Bay is an alternative to the Medbay. Whenever a crew member dies, a clone is generated to replace them at the cost of losing some of their skills. Without the Medbay, your crew will not be able to heal in the traditional way, although the Clone Bay will heal all crew slightly every jump.  All Type C ships will come installed with a Clone Bay, or you can replace your Medbay from stores for a cost.

The goal of the Clone Bay was to really disrupt the core way you play the game.  You’ll be able to send crew off into dangerous situations without fear  of death. Giant alien spiders will no longer be the terrifying, unstoppable force that you’re used to, since the system can simply revive your crew after the event. But, if a stray missile takes out the system mid-clone, you’ll find death can still be quite permanent. And you probably shouldn’t let your crew ponder too long on the fate of their previous iterations.


Designing hacking for FTL was one of the most challenging aspects of the expansion. We’ve gone through many wildly different iterations, but are exceedingly happy with the final version.

At the cost of a drone part, the system allows you to launch a hacking drone that attaches to a chosen system on the enemy vessel. As a passive effect, that system’s doors will be blocked (delaying enemy crew) and you’ll be granted detailed vision of that system. You’ll also then be able to initiate a hacking pulse which affects each system slightly differently. Some examples:
  • Weapons: The current charge status of the weapon will drain, delaying the weapons from firing.
  • Shields: The shields will drain, giving you a brief moment to get your shots in.
  • Drones: All currently active drones will be stunned for the duration of the pulse with a chance of being destroyed.
  • Teleporter: Immediately force enemy boarders to teleport back to their own ship.
The different uses against different systems, along with the passive obstruction of doors, opens up a multitude of exciting tactical options.

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