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Control Command Escape Previews Spacebase DF-9

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 01:34 AM

Control Command Escape has posted a new preview of Double Fine's upcoming Spacebase DF-9. The sci-fi building simulation gives players the chance to construct a space station and struggle to keep the colonists living within alive and happy.

In addition to causing problems for themselves, the Spacebase residents are also at risk from alien parasites and raiders. Id had an event where a derelict vessel had warped in nearby the base, so sent a security team to check it out. Inside was a number of those rarest of commodities, beds, as well as life support and a hostile person who was quickly pacified (in truth, Im not quite sure how) and later became a useful member of the colony. But now I had some useful rooms out in space. I could have just destroyed it all and claimed the matter, but I figured it would be far more practical to build a long corridor, joining it to my main base, so thats what I did.

This worked well right until the point where I received an event that some unfriendly people had docked with my base. They had docked, as in, literally joined onto, the edge of the former derelict, and were making their way into the base. So of course the stand-off was to be in the ridiculously long corridor. I figured they wouldnt last long, what with my superior numbers. Oh, but it turns out that firing lasers inside is not a good idea, because shots striking the walls will burn holes in them it. My proud resistance, fighting for their home, were summarily sucked into space in a matter of seconds. In the course of one firefight, my former colony of 30 now numbered 6, and those remaining were not happy at all.

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