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Control Command Escape Reviews Ironclad Tactics

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 01:26 AM

Control Command Escape has posted a new review of Ironclad Tactics from Zachtronics. The game is a fast-paced, card-based tactics game featuring steam-powered robots in the American Civil War.

Picture the scene: itís the American Civil War, with both sides producing an inexhaustible supply of units to destroy each other. The battles are a little different from how history books depict them though, as each side deploys a number of so-called ďIroncladsĒ, huge steam-powered mechanised war-machines, equipped with everything from rifles to bugles andÖ cats.

Your task is to field these units (along with infantry), who then march steadily down a set of Plants-vs-Zombies style lanes towards an opponent who does the same. Units that make it through to the other side score a number of victory points; score enough of these and youíll win the game. Itís in how the units differ that youíll find the strategy; some units move faster than others, some have longer ranges, and Ironclads can equip assorted items to increase their abilities and can crush infantry by walking over them. Itís a game about planning, and then abandoning the plan based on what your opponent does.

Read the full review at the page listed below.
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