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Mac Gamer HQ Reviews Max Payne 3, Worms Revolution

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 05:56 AM

Mac Gamer HQ recently posted reviews of Max Payne 3 and Worms Revolution Mac Deluxe Edition. The third in the Max Payne series moves Max to São Paulo, where he takes a job protecting a wealthy family and hopes to escape his troubled past. Worms Revolution MDE includes the original Worms Revolution as well as all available downloadable content for the game.

From Max Payne 3 Review:

One thing Max Payne isn’t is easy. Even on normal difficulty you can die very quickly and judicious use of painkillers and your bullet time are needed to survive. The game intentionally throws unfair numbers at you because of your bullet time advantage. Should you die multiple times at a checkpoint, you will start over with more ammo or perhaps an extra painkiller. It would be nice to be able to save whenever you wanted like in the original game, but the checkpoints are fairly well placed as to not be a problem.

From Worms Revolution Review:

Worms Revolution offers the opportunity to assemble a team to suit your style of play. There’s always the classic soldier but now you have three other options. The first option is the “Heavy”, a sluggish fat worm that is slow but hits hard. These worms will deal more damage when shooting and fling enemy worms a lot farther with a hit. Next is the “Scout”, a quick and nimble little worm that can jump higher, farther and move faster. He’s tiny and therefore does not hit very hard nor takes hits very well. Finally there’s the “Scientist”, which is pretty much a must for any formation. They do less damage then a Soldier or a Heavy but make up for it with a key ability. Every round your Scientist is alive, every living worm on your team will get 5 HP. This is crucial when outnumbered. They can also build stronger objects like girders.

Check out the full reviews at the pages linked below.
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