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Battle Zombie Hordes In The Upcoming Deadly Walkers

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 06:51 AM

Animantz and Dysotek have announced Deadly Walkers, an upcoming zombie apocalypse themed first person shooter for Mac and Windows PCs. Drawing from classic zombie films such as Dawn of the Dead, the shooter will put the players in the role of a special forces soldier struggling against the hordes in an effort to find a cure. Although the player will be given a variety of ways to damage the undead, only skillful head shots will kill a zombie permanently.

Through the eyes of a special forces soldier, the game tells the story, of an apocalyptic plague spreading in the city of London. Nobody knows what is happening in the city, why people are dying, why they are becoming undead creatures. All this has happened so fast, the day after an important meeting of the Laboratory for Disease Control. London is now in quarantine and nobody can escape from this terror.

The army has been destroyed by the plague, the player is one of the last soldiers fighting this war. The colonel has ordered the soldiers to find the biological data of the plague and take the blood of zombie number 0, the First infected civilian. With his blood the scientists of the Laboratory for Disease Control will be able to make a vaccine against the plague and aid millions of people.

Feature Highlights:
  • Single mode and online multiplayer with players vs zombies. (1)
  • 3D graphics with real animations in motion capture.
  • Actor voices and adrenalinic soundtrack for a terrifying play experience.
  • 9 levels to complete through the beautiful city of London.
  • Game based on an exciting and full of tension story with NPCs, main and secondary missions.
  • Gameplay full of horror, gore and death.
  • Hordes of zombies for a terrifying and breathless action.
  • Powerful melee and fire weapons to enjoy the zombies destruction experience.
  • Tons of achievements to unlock.
  • Worldwide leaderboard of the best players.
  • Text subtitles in 12 languages.
  • 100% DRM free.
      (1) Multiplayer mode is subject to the Kickstarter campaign success or the approval of the Steam submission.

Learn more at the link below.
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