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Out Of The Park Baseball 14 Gets April 15 Release Date

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 02:21 AM

Out of the Park Developments has revealed thatOut of the Park Baseball 14 will be released to pre-orderers on April 12, and to everyone else on April 15. The latest edition of the popular baseball simulation features 2013 major league rosters, a completely recoded player origin system, new fielding ratings development system, better player development tracking, and an expanded real-time simulation experience.

Here are the new and revamped features you'll find in OOTP 14.
  • 2013 Opening Day Major League Rosters
  • Completely Recoded Player Origin System
  • Recoded Player Creation Algorithms
  • New Fielding Ratings Development System
  • Recoded Scouting System
  • Better Player Development Tracking
  • Expanded Real-Time Simulation Experience
  • Improved Trading
  • Miscellaneous Features
    • Improved interface
    • Better player evaluation AI
    • Roster AI recoding, resulting in better managing of minor leagues and the 40-man roster
    • Better contract negotiation AI
    • Improved depth charts and pitching staff control, i.e. list your preferred pinch-hitters, pinch-runners and "LOOGY"-Pitcher.
    • New graphical depth chart screen
    • Improved league strategy settings; i.e., define the number of starting pitchers, relief pitchers, and position players carried by the AI teams, split by DH and non-DH sub-leagues.
    • Smarter in-game AI
    • Improved in-game control, including "Pitch to Contact" option and better stealing control in one-pitch mode
    • Much more storylines
    • Improved play-by-play commentary
    • One-click joining of online leagues
    • New playoff series analysis screen
Surprise OOTP 14 Features!

Every year we like to surprise you with some last-minute OOTP features, and this year is no different. Here's what we've added to the game during its final days of development:
  • Unlock plenty of performance-based Achievements! How many can you discover during your managerial career?
  • You can set a player to a "Not Interested" Trade Status, preventing the AI to offer this player to you again.
  • A Free Agent Draft can now be scheduled from the League Setup functions screen. It's similar to the inaugural draft, but it doesn't clear the team rosters and it assigns picked players adequate 1-year contracts. Such a draft is useful if, for example, you want to have contraction and draft the players released from the contracted teams. Or if you import several historical players into the FA pool and want the teams to draft them.
  • The new optional Font Size Setting allows you to adjust the interface to your liking.

Check out the newsletter linked below for more information.
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