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StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Discussed

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Posted 28 January 2013 - 05:47 AM

PC Gamer recently posted a new interview with Blizzard Entertainment's Dustin Browder about the upcoming StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Planned for a March 12 launch the expansion for Blizzard's popular sci-fi RTS includes a new Kerrigan focused single player saga and a variety of new units to make use of in multiplayer warfare.

PC Gamer: Which matchup do you find to be the most fun now, with all of the changes coming in Heart of the Swarm?

Dustin Browder: I still think TvT is glorious. That one, still, is all over the place. And the unit compositions are just bananas. Itís just, I need one of everything, and then five of those. And the positional play is just really exciting.

I feel like Protoss vs Protoss is probably the most improved overall. Youíre seeing just lots and lots of tech in some of those games. Certainly in the games Iíve played, Iíve seen crazy amounts of tech. You know, I have Ö like an hour and ten minute game of Protoss vs Protoss. We built everything. We built High Templars, we built ArchonsÖ we had Tempests, we had Oracles. He had Carriers. I started adding Carriers. We had Immortals, of course. You know, we had SentriesÖ we had everything.

It was one of those games that, when I finally beat this guy, I was like, ďDude, youíre awesome!Ē And he was like, ďNo, youíre awesome!Ē Like, it was just this total high-five. It was a very positive experience. Which is weird, right? Iím used to being yelled at on the Internet.

I havenít seen a lot of ZvZ yet. For me, at my skill level, itís still very much a Zergling/Baneling challenge. I do feel like weíve unlocked Muta[lisk] a lot more in that matchup, because of the nerfs to the Infestor. You know, Iíve watched Grandmaster players play. These are not pros, these are Grandmasters, so letís be real about that. Grandmaster does not equal pro. But Iíve watched them play, both in streams and here at the studio, and they miss with Fungals. They miss, especially on fast units like Stim Marines, or on Mutalisks.

And thatís significant. That helps unlock that Muta in a very real way. Plus, the regeneration on the Muta is significant. So, Iím hopeful that that unlocking of Muta will be real. But Iíve also heard nightmare horror stories of, itís all Swarm Host/Brood Lord battles. So weíll see how that one goes.

Read the full interview at the link below.
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