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Improving Heroes Of Newerth

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 07:07 AM

Massively has posted a new preview of upcoming features in S2 Games' multiplayer onilne battle arena title, Heroes of Newerth. Based on a demo presentation of version 3.0 (scheduled for release on January 31), the article details some of the new changes in store for the game. Heroes of Newerth allows two teams of up to five players to take on the roles of heroes as they unleash armies to destroy an enemy team's base.

Possibly the most important additions to HoN are focused on improving the new player experience. Bot matches will now be available for casual play, a huge relief to seasoned noobs like yours truly. A popular feature in the hit League of Legends, bot matches have brought a whole new community of casual players to MOBAs because facing the AI is one of the easiest and least terrifying ways to learn about the basics of classic 5v5 MOBA gameplay.

"We've completely revamped the new player experience, not only by adding bots but by making a whole new walkthrough system that teaches players how to play the game by matching them against bots," said Ryan McDaniel, Lead Content Manager for S2 Games. "The walkthrough gets people into playing HoN much faster than the old tutorial."

Upon completing the walkthrough, players will gain access to the new Learnitorium. This in-game feature acts as an archive for videos, tutorials, and Hero decks and information.

"Some of our balance designers have been working on new video series to help teach basics of MOBA gameplay, and eventually, we'll expand to more advanced tactics," says director of operations Nathan Garcia.

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