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More From Trent Oster About Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 03:49 AM

Shacknews and PC Gamer have both recently posted new interviews with Overhaul Games' Trent Oster about the upcoming Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. BGEE is an updated version of Bioware's fantasy role playing game set in the Forgotten Realms. The game will feature an enhanced version of the Infinity Engine, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, new adventures, and new party members.

Shacknews: You said you had gutted the multiplayer of the original Baldur's Gate. Talk us through the changes and decisions you made to make it a better experience as co-op.

Oster: The original Baldur's Gate made extensive use of Direct Play, which is no longer supported. The DirectPlay systems had a lot of performance and reliability issues in the original codebase and we were able to reduce the complexity and clean up the entire system by nuking DirectPlay from orbit. The BG reliance on DirectPlay required players to engage in a large number of odd work-arounds to get the game to connect up. Our approach was to clean up the networking system and lay out a larger plan for how games could connect up. With the tight demands on our time, we will launch with support for direct connections, with our game matching solution coming online in the near future. I'm most proud of how robust the cross-platform multi-player is. We've had a number of games running in the office across PC's, Macs and various iPad versions. The cool factor of cross-device play is hard to convey, but when you are playing the same game on a tablet that your buddy is playing on a PC it is pretty amazing.

PCG: That’s a great story. So, are big localization efforts happening for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition?

TO: Yes, actually. We’re using—a lot of the original fans of the series in different countries have done translations since the original launched. The original game launched in 11 languages, and I think currently there’s 19 in progress. So we’ve hooked up with a lot of these communities and in some cases they’ve kind of thrown their translation at us, saying, “Hey, this is the best we could do. We’ll do anything we can to get it into the game.”

And that’s kind of the story with the Turkish version. There was no Turkish version originally, these fans built it and they really want to make a commercial version of the Turkish version, and we’re like, “Well, sure, we’ll be happy to support you guys if we can. Let’s figure out how we get your stuff into the game and what we can do to solve that. We’ll put you guys into the credits for doing the translation.”

And it’s been just a pretty impressive result. You’ve got these volunteer groups able to go in, and in some cases you can self-organize around, here’s our main editor, our secondary editor, and our translators and they plow through the data and come up with a translated version of all the content.

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