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Dusty Revenge To Bring Beat'em Up Action To Macs

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 06:04 AM

The creator of the upcoming Dusty Revenge recently emailed us with information about the 2D action platformer from PD Design Studio. Featuring classic "beat-em up" action, the game also offers unique support mechanics in the form of artillery and sniper support. Players take the role of Dusty, a rabbit seeking revenge for the death of the love of his life. Along the way he will team up with an artillery wielding bear and a sharping shooting hound as they fight their way through a variety of environments.

DUSTY Revenge is a 2D action platformer with unique support character mechanics. Players get to play through different levels such as an old western town, lush jungle, industrial city and mysterious caves. They will engage in battle with different enemies such as rats, felines, bulls, moles, a gigantic Gorilla Boss, and a giant mechanical cobra.

Play as Dusty, the rabbit on a quest for revenge after the love of his life was killed in what seemed like a robbery cum arson. As Dusty seeks to avenge Daisy, his path crosses with 2 most unlikely allies, each seeking the common enemy for a different reason. However, he soon will unravel a scheme much bigger than his personal vendetta.

Players control Dusty, the main protagonist, executing and chaining combos to destroy the enemies. When things get too messy, his allies, Rondel the artillery support and McCoy the sharpshooter, are always ready to lend a hand or two.

Rondel joins Dusty in seeking out the enemy for a different purpose. Determined to save the life of his loved one, Rondel faithfully follows Dusty and with his wisdom, assists Dusty in choosing the right path time and again.

A seasoned sharpshooter with a mysterious past, McCoy appeared out of nowhere to save Dusty and Rondel from danger. Ever wary of this rifle-wielding ally, Dusty keeps him close for his bullets kill with deadly accuracy.

Utilize the unique support character mechanics to play through 8 lavishly drawn environments, defeat numerous different enemies and battle epic bosses to help Dusty achieve his revenge.

Learn more about the game at the link below.
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