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A slow partition to a broken microphone

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 12:36 AM

Hey guys,

This is a story that came out of have having a slow HDD on our family iMac.

  • The problem had been dealt with, although it took a while to fix…we were not supplied with the correct install disc to sort the problem out. The idea was also to have the logic board, the hard disc drive and the optical drive all replaced. …they were, but then the internal speakers ceased to output. It was roughly a week between call to Apple and onsite service.
  • By this time, the iMac had been re-imaged and the files were restored from the Time Machine backup. The install discs had also arrived, which did take more than ten days to get to Melbourne from Singapore.
  • Somewhere between the speakers being fixed and the DVD arriving, the optical drive was replaced (again). The first replacement would not accept any discs being inserted; it would make a horrific whirring and buzzing sound. …luckily the drive did not actually scratch any discs.
  • After the first service, (as the speakers were silent) another call or two were made to Apple. It was found out the problem was actually of hardware. About a week later, another service tech came along and took the iMac apart, he found the offending problem: there was no connection.
  • About a week and a half after the second onsite, we noticed the microphone was not picking up any sound. It was acting like the receiver had been fried, (as it the cable was put into the wrong port. This current issue is being attended to as I type this post. If anyone familiar with the schematics of the '09 iMac will know…
Posted Image

To all those who facepalm, I apologise. One does not simply, not use abuse a great meme.

The problem has been fixed, and the iMac has been reassembled. I thought some of you might have found this mildly interesting.


P.S. I have taken some photos of the process, and shall upload them.

Edit: If I have forgotten anything, or you would like to, here (on IMG) is the link to the original thread where this all started.

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