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Auto Sport Driving - Driving Wheel Opinions?

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Poll: Auto Sport Driving - Driving Wheel Opinions? (2 member(s) have cast votes)

Is the Driving Wheel option in Auto Sport Driving any good?

  1. AWESOME, it feels like your driving a real racing car!!! (2 votes [100.00%] - View)

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#1 andrewlennox



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Posted 07 January 2012 - 12:45 AM

Hey everyone,

If you haven't read my review on Auto Sport Driving go do that now, it'll change your life.... forever.

But if you're are like me and are WAY too lazy then I'll tell you my dilemma about it. I didn't get to fully experience the game as I didn't have a driving wheel to test out the intended input control. This made me restricted to the keyboard for driving. While I don't think this effected my review I would have liked to have tested it out, and I made that clear in my review. So I left it out and it kept me wondering. It wasn't until earlier today I realised that the wonderful readers of IMG could help me out. There has got to be a few out of the many users on this forum which have tried out and used the driving wheel in ASD.

So if you have done this then feel free to vent your emotions on it below. Or if that is not your thing then please take part in the poll instead. And if you think your post on this tread is so unbelievably awesome make sure you leave a reader review on the ASD review page as well.

Thanks again, I know the IMG community can help me out here :)
Andrew Lennox
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#2 mattw



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Posted 07 January 2012 - 05:15 AM

I can't really enjoy a driving game without a wheel - it just feels wrong using the keyboard or even a gamepad unless it is a very arcade style title. The VGP3 engine gives a decent amount of feedback so you can tell when you are pushing the limits.
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#3 JaguarGod


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Posted 07 January 2012 - 09:15 AM

Well, I will say that the game feels much better with a wheel. But I realize that many cannot afford one especially in these trying economic times. But the game (as with any racing game really) is meant to be played with a wheel. You would be very surprised how much better your times will be and how much fun it is. Now I will say that the reality of using wheels on the Mac is pretty harsh. Most of them work well, but do not have force feedback and that can ruin the immersion. This is also hampered while using Lion as, for some unknown reason, Apple left the Logitech FFB kext out of the OS. There is an easy fix on my website, go here for installation instructions and downloads.

Here is a list of wheels and the results on the Mac side that I have tested.

Wheels with FFB (must install FFB kext if using 10.7)
1. Logitech Momo racing wheel (black) - Works perfectly! All the buttons on the wheel along with the sequential shifter are beautiful. But this the lower end wheel model from Logitech and does not have the best FFB. But FFB does work well. If using Lion, you must install the Logitech FFB kext to get FFB to work. These are now discontinued , but you can find them on ebay for anywhere from $50-$100.
2. Logitech Driving Force GT - This wheel works very well also but not all the buttons work on the wheel. For the price, this wheel is great. It does have 900 degrees of rotation if you like to drive that way, but it does not always work right. It is better to plug the wheel in after the Mac has started. This should disable the 900 degrees of rotation and makes for a better driving and FFB experience. This is a great wheel. They are sold in a lot of stores and online for $130-$150.
3. Logitech G27 - My favorite wheel for the Mac! Again, it is better to plug the wheel in after the Mac has started for a better racing experience. The FFB is so much better and the wheel itself is beautiful. It is the best unit for Mac in my opinion, but it is a bit more expensive at anywhere from $230-$299. But if you have the money, this is the wheel to get.

Wheels with NO FFB
1. Thrustmaster F430 - Works very well and is a beautiful wheel that can be purchased fairly inexpensively if you shop around. But again NO FFB!
2. Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience wheel - An inexpensive wheel that works well, but is not as flashy as some other wheels. A lot of plastic and it feels a bit cheap. NO FFB!
3. Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel - Simply one of the best wheels available right now. But with no FFB, it is not really a great Mac alternative. This wheel looks about as good as any wheel out there and is made to last. The pedals are great and the wheel itself feels like a real wheel. I really wish someday we can get FFB on this wheel. But this wheel is expensive! Around $600 and NO FFB!

Again, I have not tried any of the Fanatec wheels, so I am not sure how well they work on Mac. These are the ones I have tried on my setup. I guess it is possible that results could vary. If you purchase a wheel and have results, please let me know if possible.

Here are a couple of pics of my Modded Mac Pro into the Thermaltake BMW Level 10 case and the VR3....

Posted Image

Posted Image
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#4 andrewlennox



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Posted 07 January 2012 - 02:03 PM

Thanks for your comments mattw and JaguarGod. The list that JaguarGod provided is an excellent tool for people wanting to get a wheel for the Mac for this game and others racing games such as DiRT.

Nice work guys.
Andrew Lennox
Writer, Inside Mac Games