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NWN 2 and multiple graphic cards

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Posted 16 December 2011 - 07:54 AM

I recently bought the appstore version of Neverwinter Night 2. I have 2 graphic cards in my Mac pro, an Nvidia 7300 and a Radeon HD 5870, each one attached to a different monitor (so I have all the ram of the 5870 for my games :)).

The problem is that NWN2 wouldn't allow me a higher resolution than 1024*768, worst, when I tried lower resolution, I wasn't able to go back to an higher one, ending on 800*600. Uninstalling the game and throwing away the pref (stored in user/library/application support/neverwinter night 2) wasn't solving anything. I asked help to Aspyr, but they weren't able to help me, or even to tell me where other pref were stored (there is another place for sur else how could it been stuck to 800*600 after throwing everything to trash ?). They told me to try to launch the game with apple key down, to have an option menu but this don't work with the appstore version of the game. Their last answer was "our games are made for out of the box configuration, we don't provide support for different settings". So they should have mention on NWN2 that it was iMac & Macbook only, I think :).

Here's the solution I found, I post it for other people with the same problem that would try to google it

- Download the DVD version on a torrent with a no cd or borrow the dvd from a friend

- Install the DVD version

- Update it to last patch (available on Aspyr website)

- Get your own serial from the appstore by opening the nwncdkey.ini in text edit from user/library/application support/neverwinter night 2 folder (to see library folder hold down the alt key while clicking on the "go" menu)

- Launch the DVD version with apple key hold down.

- There's a window where you can choose the monitor (if you have multiple) and the resolution
Do the correct settings in this.

- Then Just launch the appstore version, those settings from the dvd version while be the same in the appstore version.

thats really strange, they don't even store their prefs in the same place, so I assume Aspyr have something installed somewhere without us knowing it that also store those prefs :).
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