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Fantasy F1 Nitro Series Addon Available for Download

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Posted 30 May 2011 - 12:53 PM

May 30th 2011

Hello fellow VGP3 racers. As some of you may know, I have been hard at work on a new game and have not had a lot of time to dedicate toward VGP3 addons. But the Fantasy F1 Nitro Series is now complete "enough" to release and is available for download from the VGP3EVO website. I apologize for the long delay in release as work, kids and this new game have taken up my spare time. But I am proud to present the FF1NS addon for VGP3. I have run 100% races and had a lot of fun with this addon. I hope you can have as much fun. Please see the official VGP3 site for a demo of the game or to purchase the full game. Please remember, the game is still in beta form!

If you have problems to report, please email me! You can get my email from the VGP3EVO website. using the "contact" link. Thank You for your cooperation.

Here are some key features
1. Fantasy F1-style carset with 20 drivers, 10 teams using 2 different fantasy chassis (DOGO and Frontier Chassis)
2. Higher detail in the 3d models for better realism
3. Working KERS system. You have full control over it. From the toolbox menu you can setup the charge/discharge am ount (up to the current rules limits), the minimum speed and so on. While driving, by pressing a button, you can engage the KERS system to get an additional ~80 HP.
4. Engine Max RPM limited to 18,000: maximum engine power is now slightly less than the original VGP3 carset. However, as stated above, KERS can add about 80HP (thus boosting the combined power to a maximum value actually greater than the original VGP3 carset!)
5. Engine Mapping. You have no more traction control, but you can design up to three different engine maps, both for acceleration and engine brake. Engine maps give you the ability to limit the maximum engine torque on a per-gear basis, so that you can, say, limit the engine torque to only 50% in 1st gear and 75% while in 2nd. Engine maps are very useful to get a much more controlled car even if TC is no longer available. You can switch, from within the car while driving, from one map to another, so that you can design map 1 for maximum power when starting, map 2 for normal driving and maybe switch to map 3 when tyres begin to wear out for example.
6. J-Dampers. These devices are a refinement of the original mass-damper idea from Renault. Mass-dampers were forbidden, but J-Dampers are allowed and are nowadays used by almost every team. J-Dampers are a sort of "super-damper". They reduce accelerations in the vertical movement of suspensions so they can be very useful in the reduction of vibration and oscillation of the car, especially when riding the kerbs.

A few points and notes. This addon has been tested on OSX (10.4.11 thru 10.6+) and Windows 7 on a fresh install of the v0.85 Alpha exec and archive. The cars have been given some time on the tracks originally released for VGP3. Also, a basic setup named "Engineer1" has been included, but it is very basic. You will need to create some much better setups to race along with the AI past about 85%. Please keep these in mind when using this addon.
Not everything is perfect and there are some things that need to be polished and finished, but it should be very playable.
1. One complaint has been the size of the driver, this will be fixed in a future version. You will just have to put up with it till then. :wink:
2. The cockpit view is a little high due to the clipping that occurs when it is lowered to its natural position. This will also be fixed in future versions when the clipping problem has been addressed.
3. Due to the height of the cockpit view, the mirrors are a little compromised as the rear wheel shows a bit much. When the view is fixed, this will also be fixed.

Here are a few pics

Posted Image

Posted Image
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