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Inside Mac Games Holiday Q&A: Soldak Entertainment

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 06:31 AM

In the fifth and final installment of IMG's holiday interview series Jon Carr has interviewed Soldak Entertainment's Steven Peeler. The indie dev discussed the upcoming Demon War expansion for Din's Curse, his time at Ritual Entertainment, and what inspired him to become an independent developer.

A snippet from the interview:

Jon Carr: You are currently working on an expansion for Din's Curse titled Demon War. What are some new features or options that fans and newcomers should be excited about?

Steven Peeler: Well one of the big ones is that NPCs are much more involved in the town. They now have moods of sorts, money, and relationships with others. These things can go well and make them very happy and generous to you and others. This can lead them to giving you gifts, solving quests for the town, and other similar things. On the other hand, the pressure might get the best of them and they might resort to selling town secrets to the Orcs, steal from their neighbors, try to drink their problems away, or even start fights.

Other than the new NPC stuff the expansion expands on the many things that makes Dinís Curse unique in the first place. We have new world changing quests like Anti-Magic machines, monsters blocking the gate system, traitors betraying the town, and barbarian raids. We have new world modifiers like Drunk Town, Tornados, War Zone, and Thieves Den. We have new world setup options like Invasion Mode, Raging Hordes, and world size. We have also added the new Demon Hunter class which, thanks to our hybrid class system, brings us up to 196 total class combinations.
Click over to the link below for the full interview.
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