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Exploring The MMO World Of Onverse

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 05:08 AM

Macworld has posted a new article examining Onverse, a title which fuses social networking with an online virtual world. Onverse allows users to combine 2D features of sites like Facebook and MySpace with the 3D virtual experience of MMOs. The game is free to join, with microtransactions for premium items available from the Onverse store.

Released on November 25th, the latest update added a third “world” that augments the real estate available to new users. The Hub is Onverse’s main drag, with a few high-rise apartment buildings, a casino, a nightclub, an amphitheater, and plenty of stores to shop in. Meanwhile, Volcano Island and Ancient Moon are home to themed housing communities as well as a few outdoor sites to spend time in.

All of these worlds are scattered with points that players can collect to use as currency to buy things like furniture, clothing, and tools. For those willing to spend some actual money, Cash Coins can be purchased through the Onverse website to spend on mansions or “premium” clothing and pets.

What makes Onverse unique from other online virtual worlds is the ability to play mini games against fellow users, in addition to the general chatting and avatar development of its competitors.

Though more are in development, the first game available is IceFall, a giant last-man-standing snowball fight. You enter the IceFall area of the The Hub and introduce yourself to a giant snowman that arranges live games with other players. You jump around on rapidly crashing ice flows, trying to knock other players off with snowballs. Not only is IceFall challenging and a good place to practice your mastery of the controls, it’s also a great opportunity to make friends.
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