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Din's Curse Preview & Interview

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Posted 23 October 2009 - 05:20 AM

Werit has published a new interview with Soldak Entertainment's Steven Peeler as well as a preview of the company's upcoming action RPG, Din's Curse. In the interview Peeler discussed a variety of topics related to the development of Din's Curse including its randomized content. The preview provided a breakdown of what is currently known about the game.

In Din's Curse players take the role of an adventurer cursed to walk the lands in a quest for redemption. The game features 141 possible class combinations, an infinite number of dynamically generated towns, and a game world directly impacted by player choices.

Werit: Dynamic and changing worlds seem to be a hallmark of both Depths of Peril and Din's Curse. What are some examples of how the world can be different from game to game?
Well I see this as being two different things: a random world start and a dynamic world.

Each world is going to start out very different. There will be different NPCs in town and each town will have unique problems (starting quests). The dungeons will look very distinct every time and have a unique layout. The placement of items, objects, and monsters will also be changed each time.

Even if you somehow got two people to start with the same world, it will evolve separately based on what the player does, what the monsters do, and what the NPCs do. Letís say the world starts off with an uprising of Imps. The first person takes it seriously, goes down into the dungeon, and quells the uprising. The second person decides to ignore the uprising.

Eventually this will blow up in their face. The consequence will never be the same exactly, but hereís an actual possible scenario. The Imps get restless and decide to go to war with the Zombies. Ok, Zombies and Imps killing each other doesnít sound like a bad thing, not yet at least. Then the Zombies drag the Skeletons into the war also, still not a problem. Now an uprising of Skeletons and two different Zombie uprisings occur.

Now the problems are building. The Imps are no match for the Zombies and Skeletons together and are beaten into submission and the war ends. Soon after though, the Zombies get bored and start raiding the town. The player finally returns from their adventure to find that all of the NPCs in town are now undead.
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