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A train simulator in a war-torned world

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 05:56 PM

The gamedevelopers of World War II Online has several times during the years speaked about having a visual supply lines to the front. Supply moved mainly by trains.

What currently is in the pipeline is what the developers Cornered Rats Software (CRS) calls a major graphic update. Their graphic engine Unity 3DŽ will go from v1.0 to 1.5 in the next patch. With this upgrade have they say they can do lots of great new stuff they couldn't add before.

What we have read on their Twitter page are they working not only on new trainstations. But also on new train carriges. Something that hasn't been in the game before. This of course wont mean WWII Online: BE will be a Train simulator.

But there are some good buzz about future physical trains added to the game in the forums. More important will the updated  graphic engine since it most likely will mean a great step towards an introduction to player-manned trains with player manned AA-guns.

What should be known here is that the gamedevelopers has a very high demand on their game to have best possible physical realism. For instance can you overheat a engine so it breaks down. You can also hit the engine raidator on an enemy tank or aircraft. The tank or the aircraft goes with only white smoke from it poring out. But then after some while will the engine be overheated and break down why you think WTF since you haven't paid attention to the intruments. Nice or what. :)

So when trains eventually is added will CRS most likely have very well modelled trains in all the details, including railways, stations and shops. I can't wait.