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Apple Games Features EVE Online's Empyrean Age

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Posted 12 June 2008 - 07:17 AM

[/b]Apple Games[/b] returned to the stars of EVE Online for its latest feature article, an examination of the recently released Empyrean Age expansion for the sci-fi MMO. The expansion focuses on factional warfare, introducing a faction ranking system, new militias, a dynamic new structure of system occupancy, and a whole new region in space: "Black Rise." Apple's feature offers an overview of the expansion's features, comments from producer Lína Ingvarsdóttir, and an examination of the game's history.

No matter how involved you’ve been in EVE Online’s universe, however, the arrival of The Empyrean Age gives you the opportunity to boost your standing by joining a factional militia, one of several new features found in the expansion pack. You don’t have to renounce your current corporation to sign up; in fact, corporations are encouraged to link their resources through a militia and help their faction coordinate the war effort.

Each militia’s warfare agents offer a variety of missions for you to undertake; many of them will send you deep inside enemy territory to strike a blow for your side. As you complete missions and accomplish other tasks, you’ll rise through your militia’s ten ranks. Militia offices host warfare victories and kill statistics, allowing you to chart not only your success in the war but also the progress of your corporation and faction.

The true measure of success in any war is territory held, and The Empyrean Age obliges with the ability to occupy star systems. Each system contains Factional Warfare Complexes whose activities are coordinated by a System Control Bunker. Factions attack each other’s Warfare Complexes and earn the ability to assault the System Control Bunker after securing enough victories. If the final attack succeeds, a cease-fire is declared and occupancy of that solar system changes hands.
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